Tameside Talking Newspaper celebrates 2,000th recording
Tuesday 4th December 2018 @ 11:03 by Tom Greggan
News Tameside

The Tameside Talking Newspaper for the Blind Association recently celebrated issuing its 2,000th recording in this, their 40th anniversary year.

Their studio in Dukinfield Town Hall was visited by the Civic Mayor of Tameside, Cllr Denise Ward, who recorded a greeting for their special edition.

Also on this edition was a repeat of an interview that they recorded in 1978 with Cliff Richard, shortly after the Talking Newspaper started issuing its news recordings on cassettes to local residents.

Since its first recording, which still exists in its archives, the association has recorded in several locations – at one time they were based in a cramped small room over a doctor’s surgery!

Their first move into Dukinfield Town Hall, many years ago, located them in a basement room which was accessed through the Town Hall’s paint store.

This worked well until, late one evening, they found themselves locked in!

Fortunately, one group member had a mobile phone which was able to pick up a signal to call for help. They are now located in a special studio on the ground floor.

There are approximately 40 volunteers who are split into teams of four who help to keep the free service running on a weekly rota basis.

They are always looking for new volunteer readers to join one of the teams who read the news in their studio each month on a Thursday afternoon. If you are interested, please call 0161 320 0659.

The group originally recorded their editions onto cassettes and switched to digital recordings eight years ago, which has made the duplication of the master recordings a lot easier and quicker.

The weekly recordings are currently issued to more than 130 Tameside residents who have difficulty reading the local newspapers.

If any readers know of any anyone who they think could benefit from this service, please call the Visual Impairment Team on 0161 342 2575.