Party atmosphere in Dukinfield as Postcode Lottery winners revealed
Saturday 28th July 2018 @ 14:53 by Tom Greggan
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Two lucky ladies from Dukinfield are more than £300,000 richer today after landing the jackpot on the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Residents in SK16 5 have been waiting for two weeks to find out just how much they’ve won, after the postcode was drawn as the winner of the monthly Postcode Millions prize.

Today, at a fantastic event at Dukinfield Rugby Club, £3m was handed out between 980 ticket holders, a People’s Postcode Lottery record, with everyone winning between £2,217 and £6,651.

The full winning postcode was SK16 5AX, meaning neighbours Julia Skellorn and Lorna Smith each walked away with an incredible £305,674!

The winning postcode of SK16 5AX landed two residents a whopping £305,674 each!

Speaking moments after receiving her cheque on stage in front of the large crowd, Lorna said: “I was shaking, I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t think anything like this would ever happen to me! It’s like a dream come true and I’m so excited!

“I’ve only been playing the Postcode Lottery since June and I never thought I’d win this amount of money. When I got up on stage I was very nervous but it was a wonderful experience!”

The mother of three, who turns 50 in September and was already planning a holiday, says she’ll spend the money to celebrate in style.

By playing People’s Postcode Lottery, Lorna is also helping to support charities and there’s one in particular that means a lot to here.

She said: “We adopted our dog Oscar from Dogs Trust last year and I’ve always wanted a pet. He has made such a huge difference to our family and I’m so happy that I get to support the charity by playing People’s Postcode Lottery.”

The moment Dukinfield resident Lorna Smith found out she’d won £305,674 on the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Both winners had only been playing the People’s Postcode Lottery since June. Julia, 46, only signed up when her father persuaded her to have a go. She plans to spend her winnings on a trip to Florida next year, but not before she celebrates tonight with her husband and their family.

The winning postcode was gradually revealed through a ticker on two big screens, and Julia says that’s when she started to dream. “When it landed on A, at that point, I started to think, ‘This could be me, oh my god!’” she said. “When it stopped on X, I just fell into my mother’s lap!

“I never expected to win the full prize, I just thought we’d get the minimum. We’d already won £2,217 which was much more than we expected anyway! It’s such a bonus. I can’t believe it, I’m in shock!

“I’m so grateful to my dad for telling me to play. This is all a bit surreal, but really exciting.”

Julia’s mum and dad, Jean and Ian Bowden, also won at the event, picking up a cheque for £2,217. Ian said: ‘I said you need to get in it. We won £10 about four times since we signed up just over a year ago.’ The retired couple were thrilled with their win.

Residents show off their cheques, with ambassadors Matt Johnson and Jeff Brazier, to cap off a wonderful People’s Postcode Lottery party!

There was a party atmosphere on the Blocksages from 11 o’clock this morning, as nearly 2,000 residents eagerly awaited to find out how much they or their loved ones had won.

Before the show kicked off, residents were shown a montage video of good luck messages from local neighbours and business owners. The event was hosted by People’s Postcode Lottery ambassadors Jeff Brazier and Matt Johnson, who had the delightful task of accompanying winners on stage as their prize was revealed.

TV presenter Matt said: “I’ve been working in television since I was 16, so a long time, and it’s the greatest feeling to bring communities together with the Postcode Millions. We dish out £3m, which is huge. It’s the best job in the world! So many people are happy and united; neighbours come together. People are just happy and smiling and that means a lot to me.

There were 980 winners of this month’s Postcode Millions, a People’s Postcode Lottery record!

And the fervent mood was rubbing off on the celebrities! “I’ve loved being in Dukinfield today,” Matt said. “The best thing about this job is that you do go and see places you’d never usually see. Dukinfield has been great so far, the crowd have been a great laugh. It reminds me of where I’m from in South Wales; people have the same sort of attitude towards things and I love that. The weather held out as well, thank goodness!

“I really do get caught up in the emotion of it all. I didn’t think I would today because it’s the biggest one we’ve ever done and I’ve hosted events like this before; sometimes it can be a robotic, technical thing. But today, I felt emotional. There was one guy in the corner who won £2,217 and he was just ecstatic! That means a lot and to see everyone come together is a wonderful thing.”

The full distribution of the £3m will be revealed later today. 32% of the People’s Postcode Lottery ticket price goes to charities. To date, players have raised over £320m for more than 4,000 good causes.

One local charity which has been supported by the People’s Postcode Trust is the bereavement support group Finding Rainbows. They received £2,600 in 2017 to support parents who have lost a baby or a child and to offer information, advice and guidance to the extended family.

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