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Weekend Review Oldham Hockey Club
Monday 12th February 2018 @ 09:33 by Mark Phillip


Oldham Ladies 1s vs Crewe Ladies 1s
Home @ Newman College

Oldham 1s were at home to Crewe Vagrants. Oldham started on the back foot but goalkeeper Sarah Simpson and defender Amy Broadbent made vital clearances. Oldham then settled and began to dominate the possession creating several chances. To break the deadlock, midfielder Rachael Johnson scored direct from a penalty corner with a straight strike. Johnson was controlling the middle of the park in partnership with Gillian Jones when some slick passing led to another Johnson goal. Oldham went into the break 2 nil up. The second half saw the home side continue their strong performance but their resolve was eventually broken by a quick turnover of possession, immediately after a Crewe goal had been disallowed for a high shot from a penalty corner. Oldham still dominated possession but couldn’t get the 3rd goal and in the last seconds of the game, Crewe equalised with an individual effort on the break. Oldham are away to Sale next week still fighting relegation due to the poor start of the season but they’ve now only lost 1 in the last 9, and confidence is slowly returning.

By Daisy Lord



Oldham Ladies 2s vs Glossop Ladies 1s
Home @ Newman College

Oldham’s second XI reunited this weekend to continue their winning streak. Following an extensive break since their last game together due to unfavourable pitch and weather conditions, they were excited to get back to the game. Oldham proved a little rusty to start with, as they struggled to convert many chances on goal. Despite having the majority of the possession and putting immense pressure upon the visitors’ defence, a quick break allowed Glossop to win a short corner and score from the rebound. Oldham didn’t let this affect them and continued to maintain their attacking dominance. A penalty flick was awarded to Oldham, however the Glossop ‘keeper produced a spectacular save in order to maintain their lead before the break. After a rousing team-talk, Oldham started back up with more determination. Captain Lisa Meanock, desperate to maintain her team’s undefeated streak, slotted away Oldham’s first goal after a goal-line scramble. This seemed to boost confidences, and was soon followed by impressive finishes from Yvonne Jackson and Fran Lees. Player of the day Emma Burns kept things under control at the back. Rachel Wilson sealed the deal with another goal towards the end of the game, leaving Oldham with a 4-1 victory.

By Hayley Jackson




Oldham ladies 4s vs Stockport Bramhall ladies 4s
GWMHL friendly league

The match started with a snowstorm, which went down well with the many spectators. Stockport gained an early advantage with a goal in the first few minutes, Oldham gritted their teeth and didn’t give up. The rest of the first half saw Oldham on the back foot, ‘Keeper Regan Lord and the defence were put under constant pressure. Towards the end of the first half, Stockport made three attempts at goal but Lord saved every one. At half time Fran Lees gave Oldham a pep talk and they charged out for the second half, still freezing. The second half saw the attackers getting away with the ball more, having multiple shots at goal with Freya McMahon finally scoring. However, Stockport made another break and scored again. The last ten minutes saw Oldham constantly attacking the Stockport goal and coming close to finishing. Olivia McCoy was unlucky to not put her chances away. The match ended at 3-1; however the Stockport team congratulated Oldham on the impressive performance of the younger side.

By Poppy Shepherdson