Scouting rocks!

If you go down in woods today, you might be in for a big surprise, as a new fun community project is gradually sweeping across the nation. The craze, which is a variation of an old treasure hunt-type of game, is becoming popular locally and has been enthusiastically adopted by Tameside Scouts.

Tameside Rocks for Scouts – the art of placing painting rocks out and about to be found and recorded on social media – has now started on Facebook.

The Scouts paint rocks and hide them in public places such as parks, and along popular walks.

They then post their rock pictures on the ‘Tameside Rocks’ Facebook page and provide clues about where they are hidden.

Cub Scout Leader Amanda Hampson thought it was a great community activity that other people can join in with, first by painting the rocks and then going for a walk to hide them in a public place while also searching for other people’s hidden rocks.

Tameside Scouts are now busy painting rocks at their HQs before hiding them in their local areas.

They will then go out into parks and to local beauty spot walks, looking for other people’s rocks, and take photos and describe its whereabouts.

Amanda Hampson added: “This is a great idea for young people of any age to get involved in art and the outdoors.”

Alan Fish from Scouts said: “This is a good idea to get young people into the outdoors and can even advertise Scout groups.

“But as we only paint small rocks, it would be difficult to add all the contact details, so for further information on getting involved with Scouts you cam call me on 07931 765120.”

You can also email [email protected] or find out more about scouting at and find your local Scouting group.