Hyde residents in noise dispute with local ice cream business
Friday 5th January 2018 @ 16:04 by Tom Greggan
Hyde News

Residents in Hyde are involved in an ongoing dispute with a local company over persistent noise nuisance.

Tenants of Shelley Grove and Shirley Avenue say that for years, they have been dealing with constant noise coming from the yard of B & A Susca, which their houses back on to.

Susan Healey, who lives on Shelley Grove, explained: “Sometimes they come at quarter to five on a Sunday morning. I know because the lights shine directly into my house. It drives me crazy because there is just continuous noise.”

Karen Smith, who lives on Shirley Avenue added: “The generator is switched on at 5.30am on some weekday mornings and causes a constant drumming in my house, especially the kitchen. If I’m at home working through the day, I have to go somewhere else to work as I can’t concentrate.

Karen’s neighbour, Cyril Kingsley, also lamented the noise of the generator. “It’s a constant buzz all day long”, the retiree said. “I love sitting in my garden in the summer time to listen to the cricket but I can’t with all the noise.”

Another Shirley Avenue resident, Arthur Ward, has been forced to sleep downstairs in his home, where there is less chance of him being awoken early in the morning.

Houses on Shelley Grove and Shirley Avenue back on to the premises of B.A. Susca Ltd.

Frustrated residents wrote to Tameside Council in August 2016, demanding something be done. Tameside ruled the noise to be statutory nuisance and worked with Susca to find a solution.

A spokesperson from Susca told the Tameside Reporter that the company has done all that has been asked of them by Tameside Council to abate the noise, at a large cost to the business.

“We have complied with everything asked of us by Tameside Council,” they said. “We have spent a lot of money responding to the initial complaints. We spent nearly £10,000 on a muffling system to insulate the generator.”

“We start at 6am but we’ve stopped vehicles from going down the yard before 7.30, we’ve stopped the skip people from coming early and we’ve stopped using the truck in the morning as well.

“We’ve bent over backwards and tried to be fair. At the end of the day, we’ve been here for around 40 years and we’ve got a business to run.”

A Tameside Council spokesman said: “We are aware of complaints about excessive noise emanating from B & A Susca  Ltd and are working with the company to address them.

“B & A Susca wants to have good relations with its neighbours and has always given Tameside Council its complete co-operation. It has already spent a significant amount of money in trying to deal with the matter.

“The company has engaged the services of an independent acoustic consultant and once we have the findings we will make sure B & A Susca takes whatever measures may be necessary.”

But those words are of little comfort to the residents, who claim the measures taken have not produced any results.

Susan said: “The residents were here before Susca; it was a little wood yard. When they put up all the buildings, how did they get planning permission for that in the first place?

“I’ve been here ten years and I’ve been onto them a number of times. Arthur has been complaining since the 1970s. We just want to know why nobody is doing anything about it. Nobody wants to seem to pick it up or give us answers.”

She continued: “Susca’s measures haven’t worked. We should have had communication from the council to say it has been completed and they should have put equipment in to check the noise levels; then they’d have found out they are no different. The council are just burying their head in the sand.”