Mossley hit by flash floods AGAIN after torrential rain
Monday 11th September 2017 14:01 Mossley & Saddleworth Posted by Tom Greggan

Micklehurst Road has resembled a river today after persistent torrential rain caused minor flooding in Mossley.

The wet weather, which lasted all weekend but got gradually heavier throughout last night, has blocked drains on the road, leaving water rushing down the hill and into people’s homes.

It isn’t the first time Mossley or the surrounding towns have fallen foul of flash flooding, with similar incidents happening once or twice a year.


Local resident Dez Richardson helped parents carry children to their cars this morning and on advice from the fire service, blocked Micklehurst Road at the junction with Station Road to divert drivers from the worst affected area. The road has now been officially closed by the Environment Agency as they are unable to stop the flow of water.

“I’ve been out since about 8:45 this morning,” he said. “As cars were driving up, they were pouring water into people’s homes. People were going past too quickly and unsafely and as a result of the waves created, people’s homes were getting flooded.

“I’ve got the equipment to help if I can, such as tow ropes and jump packs, so I’ve been asked by the fire service just to stay where I am and try to keep the road clear and the homes dry out as best they can until the weather dries.”

Mossley resident Dez Richardson was assisting those worst affected.

Dez regularly jumps to the rescue whenever his local area is flooded, something that’s already happened once this year. He lamented a lack of resources to help ease the problem, but admitted it’s not easy to fix. He said: “It’s not just the rain that causes it. You’ve got the culvert at the back; which is getting blocked up. If that gets blocked up, the drains can’t cope with the water that’s coming down.

“It’s been raining on and off since around 10 o’clock last night. It got torrential around midnight and then it was really heavy all morning. The culvert at the top has overflowed and the drains can’t cope with it.”

This shocking footage was sent to us by Micklehurst Road resident Gabrielle Pye. This is the second time in less than a year that her home has suffered flood damage and her and her husband have only just recovered from the damage done last time.

“We were flooded back in November,” she said. “The damage was worse last time and we had to live in a rented house for five months because it caused thousands of pounds worth of damage. Luckily, I spotted the drains flooding before I went to work this morning so I stayed at home to try and limit the damage but the water has still come through the kitchen units, and the cellar and garden are ruined again. Months of work has been undone in ten minutes.”

Gabrielle, who is 32-weeks pregnant, will have to move into her parents house with her husband for the foreseeable future. She is angry as she feels a repeat of the damage should have been prevented. Her persistent warnings to Tameside Council that the drains were not properly cleared following last year’s floods have fallen on deaf ears, she claims.

She said: “The culvert is underneath our neighbour’s back garden and is blocked. We told the council that the storm drains at the front were full and needed cleaning after the last floods. Work should have gone on during the summer to stop this happening again but now it’s too late.

“The drains at the bottom of the hill were fixed but that’s no good to us. We and the neighbours are angry because we feel like we’ve been ignored.”

A joint statement from Tameside Council and the Environment Agency said: “We are aware of localised flooding in Micklehurst Road area of Mossley yesterday which was caused by a culvert that was overwhelmed by the volume of water from the heavy rain over the weekend and again yesterday. Both the Environment Agency and Tameside Council have been on site working to ensure the water can drain away as quickly as possible. That work will continue until the culvert is cleared and water is flowing through the drainage network. The road has been closed as a safety pre-caution given the amount of surface water and a bund has been created across the road to direct the water flow back into the main watercourse

“Over 400 sandbags were provided by Tameside Council to assist those residents at risk of water coming into their properties. Further sandbags will be issued by the council as required. Staff have been on the ground supporting the local community, and will be working with any families who may need to move out of their properties temporarily. Tameside Council will continue to support local residents, and are preparing for the further bad weather that is forecast for tomorrow.

“Both Tameside Council and the Environment Agency are committed to working together to find a solution to prevent this problem occurring again in the future and residents are advised to check flood warnings by visiting or calling Floodline on 0345 988 1188.”

Staff at Mossley Fire Station received three call outs during the morning but Watch Manager Gary Phillips warned residents that the fire service are limited with how they can help.

He said: “There’s not a great deal we can do to stop the water from coming because the rain is still falling. All we can do is render humanitarian services to the public that need it; we go and sort it the best way we can.”

Gary Phillips, Watch Manager at Mossley Fire Station, offered advice to residents whose homes have flooded.

“If residents have been affected by the flooding they should isolate the electric supply from the mains. If it’s affecting the mains then we would make an attendance and make it safe, but that just means we would either turn it off or have it isolated by the electricity supplier externally.”

With no sign of a let up in the weather, it would appear Micklehurst Road will be inaccessible for the rest of the day and drivers are advised to avoid the area wherever possible.