Police seek vehicle running low on stones
Wednesday 3rd May 2017 @ 17:34 by Nigel P.
Community News Stalybridge Tameside

Police believe this type of van has been used in the theft of large amounts of valuable York Stone in the Mottram Rise Area


Police covering the Stalybidge area are asking Tameside residents to be on the look -out for a Seat Inca van following the theft of a large amount of valuable York Stone from the Mottram Rise Estate area.

The theft occurred in the early hours of the Sunday before last. (23/4/17) at approximately  5 am when numerous York Stone was lifted from Linden Road,

Police believe from CCTV images that the vehicle used is probably the same as the attached image of above, though it could possibly have had a dark or black roof,

They are asking if anyone with information or who sees a similar vehicle in suspicious circumstances, driving around to call 101 or contact their local Policing Team.

The stone weighs heavily so the van or another vehicle suspected of carrying large amounts of stones will be very low off the ground.

Police think thefts will likely be on the increase as recent adverts on  websites and social media are promoting cash for York stone.