Denton man feigns heart attack to escape violent kidnapping
Monday 6th March 2017 @ 15:28 by Nigel P.
Ashton Denton & Audenshaw Gorton & Openshaw

Police would like to hear from anybody who saw any suspicious activity in Kingsley Close ,Denton at around 5.00pm last Wednesday (1/2/17)

Police are investigating a vicious attack on a man at his home in Denton last Wednesday (1/2/17).

The 55-year-old man was working in his shed when up to four men wearing ski masks burst in on him and assaulted him at around 5.00pm

Following the initial assault the men dragged the victim inside his own house and forced him to open a safe.

When the robbers discovered the safe held no valuables they proceeded to beat him with an iron bar and make extreme threats to him and his family.

The man’s family  were fortunately not at home when the attack happened.

Following further violence the attackers, also believed to be armed with a Taser, then took the victim in his own van to a semi derelict house thought to be in the Gorton area.

Once at the house the victim was bundled into a bare room with just a chair and one bare light bulb.

The man was stripped of his clothes and then subject to further beatings and threats to himself and his family.

Fearing for his life the man feigned a heart attack in the hope the men would release him.

Luckily the thugs fell for the victim’s deception and again the victim was driven in the back of his own VW Transporter to Tameside Hospital where the kidnappers abandoned him in the Transporter and escaped in another vehicle.

The victim bleeding from cuts and badly bruised did not  enter the hospital however, but drove himself back to his home instead, to collect his wife and take her to safety.

The couple then spent the night at a safe address and called the  police the following morning to report his ordeal.

The man was then checked into hospital for scans and tests and treatment for his cuts and bruising.

Police are asking for anybody who witnessed any suspicious activity in and around Kingsley Close in Denton between five and six pm  or remember seeing a VW Transporter around seven pm near to Tameside Hospital on Wednesday to contact them on 101 or call on  crimestoppers 0800 555 111 quoting incident number 445 date 2/3/17.