Suitcase murder accused’s trial date set
Tuesday 28th February 2017 @ 14:29 by Nigel P.
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Burnt grass marks the spot where the charred and mutilated body of the murder victim Yang Liu was discovered near Tintwistle on October 10 2016 .


Ming Jiang who is accused of murdering 36 -year -old Yang Liu from Salford Quays appeared at Minshull Street Crown Court today 28/2/17, for his final case management hearing, before the trial is heard on 3rd of April 2017.

The court heard that 43-year-old, Mr Jiang of Falconwood Way, Beswick had entered a plea of not guilty at an earlier hearing and that his defence team has recently received a lot of evidential material from the prosecution connected to the case.

However the judge rejected any suggestion of an adjournment from Defence Counsel, Guy Mathieson and set out his directions that witness requirements are met by both prosecution and defence by the 10th of March and evidence and matters outstanding to be submitted by 16th of March .

Addressing Mr Jiang who appeared via video link from Strangeways Prison, Manchester, Judge John Potter said: “Your trial will start on the third of April this year.

“I know your lawyer recently received a lot of material that they need to discuss with you… I believe you have sufficient time to do that.

“I am very reluctant to adjourn the trial beyond the 3rd of April, you have a lot of work to do with your lawyer, please do it.”

The Judge then remanded Mr Jiang into custody and told him he would next appear in court in person for his trial on the 3rd of April.

Then addressing Mr Jiang’s custody officer the judge asked him: “Would you allow Mr Jiang and his Defence Counsel to have a conference, following the end of the court session”

The case relates to the gruesome discovery of a partially burnt, headless and limbless body, trussed up in a suitcase found at a lay -by near the picturesque village of Tintwistle in Derbyshire last October.

The body of Mr Liu was discovered by a local dog walker at around 12.30pm on Monday 10th October (2016) following reports from locals who say they witnessed a small fire the evening before.

By James Stirr and Nigel Pivaro