Police capture of suspected car thieves reveals key security flaw
Thursday 23rd February 2017 @ 12:06 by Nigel P.
Ashton Community News

There have been 20 crimes involving Ford vehicles in the Ashton area since the new year


Following the arrest of two suspected car thieves in Ashton, Police  are warning owners of Ford vehicles in the area to be extra cautious and remove all valuables when leaving the vehicle parked.

This comes after police discovered the alleged thieves to be in possession of a device capable of bypassing the lock security on most models of Ford vans and cars, allowing  thieves to open any Ford vehicle door lock.

Officers are particularly concerned because the device can be purchased for as little as £25 over the internet.

Police have subsequently revealed that there has been a spike in crime involving Fords since the start of the new year, with no less than 20 crimes recorded concerning Ford vehicles since the start of 2017.

The crimes were mostly thefts from vehicles  but three were actually stolen, including two Transit Vans and one Escort.

Police say the arrested men were originally seen tampering with cars at 4.30 am on Tuesday morning on Montague Road, and were detained after a dramatic chase on foot that also involved police dogs that helped locate the fleeing suspects.

The men, both believed to be in their twenties were questioned and have been bailed pending further enquiries.

A Senior Tameside police officer advised owners of all vehicles to remove everything from view in vehicles parked over night, so denying thieves an indication of what they may find inside a vehicle.

“If you have a Sat -Nav it is recommended you remove not just the Sat- Nav, but the device holder as well -that way the absence of a holder does not indicate that the vehicle has any device present and best of all remove anything of value altogether when the vehicle is left.”