How you can play your part in tackling child abuse in Tameside
Tuesday 21st February 2017 @ 12:30 by Adam Higgins
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Residents and workers across the borough are being urged to play their part in helping to protect children who are being abused and neglected.

Tameside Council is supporting the second phase of the Department for Education’s Together We Can tackle Child Abuse campaign to spread the message: ‘If you think it, report it’.

During 2015-16, 2,702 children in Tameside were supported by social care services because someone noticed they needed help.

Although it’s important children who need help and support get it as quickly as possible, research shows a number of people don’t act on their suspicions out of fear of being wrong.

The campaign aims to help people recognise the signs of child abuse and neglect but have the confidence to report any concerns, no matter how small.

Cllr Peter Robinson, Tameside Council Executive Member for Children and Families, said: “Anything you notice can help a child at risk. You don’t have to be absolutely certain about your suspicions – if you have a feeling that something’s not right, you can talk to Public Service Hub who can look into it.

“Information is usually gathered from many sources and your report would form one part of a bigger picture.

“All children have a right to be safe and should be protected from all forms of abuse, and all members of the community – from friends and neighbours to shopkeepers and sports coaches – have a responsibility to report it.”

A simple ABC guide has been issued for spotting the signs of child abuse or neglect.

People should look out for changes in the following characteristics:

  • Appearance: Unexplained injuries, cuts or bruises or consistently poor hygiene.
  • Behaviour: such as demanding or aggressive behaviour, frequent lateness or absence from school. Being constantly tired.
  • Communication: such as talking aggressively, self harming or becoming secretive and withdrawn.

For further information, you can visit

Anyone who is worried about a child in Tameside can contact the Public Service Hub on 0161 342 4101 during office hours on Monday to Friday or 0161 342 2222 outside of office hours, weekends and public holidays.

However, if the situation is immediately dangerous for the child, people should ring 999 and ask for the police.