Tameside Tories will not oppose proposed Council Tax rise
Friday 24th February 2017 @ 15:47 by Nigel P.


The burden of Adult Social Care has impacted heavily upon Tameside Council’s Budget


Tameside council is to put a Council Tax rise of 4.99% for approval before the full council meeting on Tuesday, (February 28) this is to meet an expenditure of £177.396 million and is the highest level of increase allowed by the Government without a local referendum.

The council states that 1 .99 % of the rise will be in respect of an increase across the board for all services the council provide, but 3 % is in direct response to support Social Care which has become an increasing concern for many councils across the country. Currently Adult Social Care costs Tameside £41 million per year with Children’s Services coming in at £26 million.
One Tory led council in Surrey recently threatened to put a rise beyond 5 per cent to a referendum in order to ask for an increase from their residents due to the Adult Social Care bill.
The motion in support of the increase is fully expected to be passed and it is understood that the Tory opposition will not be objecting to the rise.


Tameside Tory Leader will not oppose the proposed Council Tax Rise.

Tameside Tory Leader is calling for a radical re-think on how we fund Social Care which he believes is unsustainable at Local Authority level
Tameside Conservative Group Leader John Bell said: “We are aware of the increase and we will not oppose it because we know the extra burden that Adult Social Care has put on the budget and I believe passionately in supporting this service.
“However for Local Authorities to continue to fund Adult Social Care is unreasonable, successive governments going back to the Blair/Brown period have known that we are living longer and done little about it.”
“To expect the council tax payer to foot the bill is unfair.

“The whole issue of funding the Health Service and Social care needs a fresh cross party approach, a radical re-think on how we fund it.

“Local government has made more efficient savings than any Whitehall Department and now I say enough is enough.”
Despite anticipated support for Tameside’s Labour run Council’s, tax rise, John Bell and other Tories were heavily critical of The Council’s delay in publishing the council meeting agenda which was only released at 4.30 pm on Thursday evening.

Two days late, according to Tameside Council’s own constitution, which states that the full council meetings agenda should be made ready for viewing “five working days before the meeting,”

An angry John Bell said: “How are we supposed to respond adequately to the issues and motions on the agenda if we have not had time to digest them and discuss them as a group.

Furthermore, I as leader of the opposition have to propose an alternative budget, a delay like this makes that task extremely difficult.”
In this meeting’s agenda, the council has given a breakdown of just some of the recipients of its expenditure as well as the many services it funds and maintains .
The Council cites 479 looked after children (LAC) and 344 on a child protection plan, 1,224 children in need through its Social Services department.
It also Maintain 8 libraries, 1 local studies and archive centres and 1 museum and 2 art galleries. The Council empty 75,000 domestic refuse bins and 150,000 recycling bins per week
 Maintain 35 playgrounds, 23 play areas, 27 sports pitches and parks. They dealt with 960 planning applications and recycled 682 tonnes of waste each week while maintaining 750km of roads across the borough.

The council also maintains 25,779 street lights.

In this budget year the council will have achieved a saving of £4.7 million on the previous year’s budget by the end of March 2017, but inflationary costs of £3. 6 million have eaten into this saving.

Last month showed inflation based on the Consumer Price Index running at 1.8 %.