Headstones and graves damaged in Ashton Parish Cemetery
Thursday 19th January 2017 @ 18:30 by Nigel P.

Metal fencing now surrounds one of the graves believed to have been attacked by ghoulish vandals

Broken headstones and dislodged plinths marked the spot where a suspected vandal or vandals had desecrated the resting place of Ashton’s deceased.

Pictures on a local Facebook page alerted the Tameside Reporter to something amiss in the graveyard that dates from medieval times.

On the page were photographs that depicted some graves that appeared to have been tampered with and damaged.

A visit to the graveyard the next morning indeed showed one grave that  appeared to have been the subject of damage and was now protected by metal fencing.

Tameside Reporter understands that Police were called to the graveyard at Grafton Street at 11 20am on Tuesday morning  in response to reports of criminal damage carried out by person or persons unknown.

The damage is believed to have been caused between 9pm on Sunday and 11 am on Tuesday.

Police are now investigating and would like to hear from anybody who saw suspicious activity or who has information about the incident. Please call police on 101 and quote log number 670  17/1/17 if you have any information.


A headstone broken into several pieces indicates a  malicious and deliberate attack on the gravestone in Ashton Parish Cemetery, rather than naturally occurring damage such as the headstone tipping over in high winds or soft ground.