Mayor candidate Burnham visits Ashton college to outline health manifesto
Friday 9th December 2016 @ 06:34 by Adam Higgins
Ashton News

Prospective Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham was in Tameside last week as he held an event to develop his manifesto on health and wellbeing.

The Leigh MP was at the new Clarendon Sixth Form College in the heart of Ashton to host his ‘Health and Wellbeing Manifesto Conference’.

Mr Burnham says as Mayor he wants to ‘do things differently’ were he to become Mayor, and wants to ‘involve as many people as possible in developing policy ideas that will make a real and meaningful difference to people’s lives.’

Speaking on the day, Mr Burnham said: “I want social care to be fully part of the NHS. I’m keen to see if we can create what I call a national health and care service. If we can do that in Greater Manchester it would be a first for the country.”

Users of the health service, carers and experts all came together in sessions at the college to debate how healthcare could be improved across Greater Manchester were Mr Burnham to become the next Mayor.

One of the biggest issues for many of the attendees was mental health and it was suggested that investment should be prioritised in preventative mental health services, as well as protecting children’s mental health and mental health in the workplace.

Mr Burnham also pledged to make Greater Manchester the first Autism friendly city in the UK.

The election to decide the next Mayor of Greater Manchester takes place next year on May 4.

Andy Burnham is Labour’s candidate for the election, while Sean Anstree, the Trafford Council Leader is representing the Conservative Party.

The Lib Dems have put forward Trafford councillor Jane Brophy, UKIP will field Shneur Odze. Community activist Deyika Nzeribe will stand on behalf of the Green Party and Stephen Morris will be representing the English Democrats.


By Lee Wild