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Lyndon laces boots for four hour skip in aid homeless charity, Roofless Reachout
Monday 12th December 2016 @ 14:15 by Mark Phillip

Professional boxer Lyndon ‘Lights Out’ Newman has completed a four hour skip in aid of homeless charity, Roofless Reachout.

The 30-year-old completed the challenge from 12pm until 4pm at Gymetc in Stalybridge on Saturday December 3.

Lyndon at the start of his four hour skip, alongside sports reporter Mark Philip

Lyndon, from Denton, was supported throughout the skip by family, friends and charity founder, Alison Hall.

Following the skip, Lyndon explained why he had initially come on board with Roofless Reachout. “The charity is absolutely fantastic” he said.

“They feed and clothe the homeless every Wednesday and basically just do everything they can to help them while they’re on the streets.

“It’s absolutely freezing on the streets at this time of year and while we may not realise it, we take so many things for granted such as waking up in the morning, putting the heating on and having a cup of tea.

“These are real people who are living in these conditions, so if I can make a difference and help change that then I obviously will.”

Lyndon being interviewed by Tameside Radio’s Mark Andrews.

Equipped with six years’ professional boxing experience to his name, Lyndon is accustomed to gruelling training regimes.

However, the super middleweight fighter admitted to feeling ‘very sore’ following the skip. “It got hard towards the end” he said.

“Obviously I thought it would have been easy, but I’ve not been to the gym or training that much due to family reasons.

“I struggled towards the end, but luckily my trainer was there to give me lots of encouragement along with my family and friends who attended.

“If I can’t do a four hour charity skip then I’m in the wrong profession.”

Despite feeling groggy towards the end of the skip, Lyndon used the increasing load of clothing donations as a source of inspiration. He said: “The donations built up massively throughout the afternoon.

“There were so many donations that they had to do two trips in a massive van.

“People are still donating to the cause and bringing in clothes – the support has been fantastic.”

Lyndon has become renowned for his charitable endeavours over the past few years, so it will come as no surprise that the hard-hitter is planning another.

Taking place in August 2017, Lyndon is set to continuously run from Hyde to Blackpool Tower in aid of a close friend who suffers from lung cancer.

Despite initially being given two weeks to live, Lyndon’s friend has defied the odds and survived more than two years. He said: “Cancer’s a really bad thing which has hit a lot of people.

“However, I don’t think giving money directly to the charity benefits anybody, whereas this is personal to me as he’s a very close friend.

“He came and watched me fight, so I thought ‘if he can do that for me, I’ll go to the end of the earth for him’.

Having suffered his own troubles in recent years – which include a three year absence from the ring after having his licence suspended due to depression – Lyndon is finally looking ahead to the future.

In fact, not only does he have his sights set on claiming the British title within two years, but he also wants to establish a communal gym in Tameside.

Reflecting on a sad chapter in his life and how he overcame it, Lyndon said: “I was receiving calls from the hospital while I was in training camps to inform me that my daughter had been rushed in after having a seizure.

“This was going on for nearly three years which led to me spending a lot of time out of the ring.”

In order to arrest his depression, Lyndon was advised to read a book called ‘The Secret’.

Encouraging others in similar situations to do the same, he said: “The book is all about positive thinking and positive outlooks.

“It’s really good, so if anybody is suffering with depression or struggling with their goals, please read the book or watch the film – it’s very inspirational.”

Motivational books aside, Lyndon cites boxing as his real saving grace.

With this in mind, Lyndon is hoping to give back to the sport which gave him so much. He said: “I’m looking to open my own communal gym in the area.

“It would open in the morning and provide a service for the homeless to come in, have a shower and get changed into all the clothes that had been donated.

“I also want to work with the local schools in order to get the kids involved.”

As far as his professional career ambitions are concerned, the sky’s the limit for Lyndon. He said: “If I can dedicate myself to the sport and solidly train for two years – which includes no going out with my mates and drinking alcohol – then I hope to win the British title.

“I’ve just received my manager and promoter licence, and what I aim to do is bring professional boxing to Tameside.

“I understand it’s not going to be a massive thing because there are not enough places to host the events, but if we can have some form of professional boxing in the area then it might inspire the local kids to get involved.”

Lyndon is set to return to the ring in March 2017, although a date and opponent are yet to be confirmed.