Tameside Veterinary Clinic are looking after children in Tameside
Friday 4th November 2016 @ 15:59 by Lee Wild
Ashton Hyde News

They say pets are part of the family, and Tameside Veterinary Clinic is going the extra mile to help out families in Tameside.

The vets, who operate two locations in Tameside, are launching a bursary that will see one lucky children’s club in the area, win £500 to spend on whatever they want.

It’s the brainchild of vet Gavin McCoubrey, who has lived and worked in Tameside for over 20 years, and is now raising a young family here.

It’s open to clubs for children under the age of 13, no matter what the subject.

The ‘Little Stars Bursary Scheme’ has already attracted plenty of applicants, such as the girl guides.

To enter, clubs need to write a 300 word letter, explaining why they need the bursary and what it will be used for. Alternatively, clubs can film a 2 minute video outlining their plans for the money and email it to [email protected] to be in with a chance of selection.

Gavin said he wanted to give something back to the community: “I’ve worked in Tameside for the last 20 years and we’re always looking at opportunities to give back to the community.

“Our pets are very much part of our family, particularly in this area, and we just felt it’s a great way for us to get involved with children and families in the area.

“We’ve had people applying already like girl guides for a new hut, just make it for a good cause, hopefully someone will benefit from it.”

And despite the first bursary is yet to be awarded, Gavin says it’s something that they want to do again in the future, and if possible increase in size and scope:

“Seeing the applicants we’ve had already, It’ something we’ll look to grow over the next few years; certainly an annual one and look to expand it to create more bursaries to help.

“We’ve had some very good entries already, quite heart-warming entries and it’s amazing to see clubs you wouldn’t know were out there.

“I think everybody knows the sports clubs that are about but dance studios and other things like that; there are deserving clubs out there that do a great job.

“As a father of young children myself these clubs are great at getting kids off the street, out of the house and away from computer games.

“I just think it’s good to do and it’s good to be able to help them.”