Tameside company’s revolutionary power cut solution
Tuesday 29th November 2016 @ 21:35 by Adam Higgins
Ashton Business News

A Tameside company has developed a solution to help people who affected by power cuts.

Mark Rigby, from UK Powertech in Ashton, has developed an emergency storage unit which is an ideal solution for homes and small businesses to deal with a power cut.

It’s a clean and safer option that draws on electricity stored from the grid rather than petrol or paraffin used by conventional generators so there is no toxic fumes or the need to store inflammable materials.

The BlackCurrent emergency power unit is designed to store electricity from the grid and almost instantly takes over lights and central heating controls when it detects a break in the power.


There is a basic 300 unit (pictured) but bigger units are available which can power more equipment or bespoke systems can be supplied to suit individual needs.

The BlackCurrent has been installed in the UK Powertech office on Countess Street to insure that the business can continue running regardless of local power disturbances.

UK Powertech are also giving a £200 discount on a BlackCurrent to local firms affected by the severe flooding which battered Tameside in the wake of Storm Angus last week.

Leaflets with more detailed information can be requested by contacting Mark on 0161 343 7606 or you can visit www.blackcurrent.co.uk.