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Arson heartbreak at “New” Staly Labour club
Monday 17th October 2016 @ 21:38 by Nigel P.
News Stalybridge
Burnt electrics at the entrance to the New Labour club in Stalybridge.

Burnt electrics at the entrance to the New Labour club in Stalybridge.

A grudge may be behind the attack that caused thousands of pounds of damage to the front entrance of the revamped Labour club in Stalybridge  on early Monday.

In stark contrast to the newly rendered exterior, severe damage to the club porch  was clearly evident with  electrics and fittings charred and burnt in the soon to be re-opened club.

Just after 11 30pm on Sunday night passing witnesses saw what they thought was a flash of light coming from the club, they were not sure if it was the sight of a fire or an alarm as the club had its windows boarded due to renovation work that is being undertaken.

Emergency services were called and fire crews from Ashton, Hyde and Stalybridge, attended  at just after midnight and deployed fire men using breathing apparatus and hose reel to quickly  bring the blaze under control.

Crews remained at the scene for just over an hour though, in order to ensure there were no other seats of combustion.

Manageress Sarah Farah Baxter said: “This is a terrible set back, but it will not stop us from opening, we are determined .

“There is so much good will towards us and this club, which is now under new management and is so wanted by the community.

“We have had dozens of messages of support since this happened.”

The feisty stewardess of the club also told the Reporter she was under no doubt as to the cause of the fire: “It was arson plain and simple, that was what the Incident commander told me, he said  the cause was down to ‘a non pungent accelerant poured through letter box ‘.”

How somebody could do this I don’t know? I do not think it was personal and I have no idea why they would attack the club other than them being mindless idiots.”

Sarah’s husband and business  partner, Nigel Farah Baxter said: “We will turn the club around and make it a place  the community values.”

“We are determined to make this a great community venue that people will  be proud of and will want to call their own.”

With scorch marks on the club doors still visible, work continues,  the sound of power tools drowns out the noise of the passing traffic and each screech of a n electric saw sounds like music to the ears of this tenacious couple who are determined not put off their club’s grand new opening on Friday.

Businesses and properties adjacent have promised to be extra vigilant and train their CCTV cameras on the club property