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It’s in her kiss… Tameside nurse saves boy poolside
Monday 12th September 2016 @ 17:32 by Nigel P.
Community Mossley & Saddleworth News
Nursing Sister Wendy Harding CPR Heroine.

Nursing Sister Wendy Hadfield CPR Heroine.

A little boy is running and playing carefree with his pals today, thanks to the quick thinking of  Tameside nurse Wendy Hadfield.

Her vacation on the island of Majorca became a bit of a’ Busman’s Holiday’ when she rushed to the aid of a five year old boy who had been brought from the hotel pool, lifeless.

Wendy a nursing sister from Mossley was enjoying a well deserved rest, when she sprang into action having spotted the boy poolside and in obvious need of emergency life saving intervention.

She raced from her sun lounger and on checking the boy’s vital signs realised he was in trouble, in fact with no pulse and having stopped breathing the little lad was technically ‘dead.’

Wendy’s training kicked in and working with the lifeguard she immediately started to apply Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Family and friends of the boy watched in terrified anticipation around the pool as Wendy and the life guard worked frantically, as a team, to try to restart the boy’s heart.

After five attempts they eventually felt a pulse in the little boy and put him on his side, in the recovery position, just as paramedics arrived.

Not a moment too soon the paramedics applied oxygen to the stricken child and happily the little boy gulped the oxygen and began to cry soundly.

At which point everybody present around the pool, burst into cheers of joy and applause not least for Wendy’s actions in saving the boy’s life.

Talking to the Tameside Reporter Wendy said: “Initially I just reacted automatically, but then I felt under enormous pressure.

“Here I was despite 20 years of nursing and medical training out of my comfort zone as I had no equipment and I was used to dealing with adults not children.

I was absolutely determined we would not lose him and I am so delighted we didn’t.”

Wendy, who works on Tameside hospital’s Critical Care Unit, continued her family holiday, and the little boy who lives in Surrey  has now made a full recovery from his ordeal and was happily  splashing around  the pool again after a couple of days rest.

The parents of the five- year-old boy, now consider Wendy to be his guardian angel and are in touch via Instagram and joyfully sent pictures of the little boy’s first day at school recently.

Modestly Wendy returned to the UK and did not mention the incident to anybody, it was only when her partner John, posted on Facebook of how proud he was of her that the story came out amongst her friends and colleagues.

Tameside Hospital’s Chief Executive Karen James – herself a trained nurse – has applauded Wendy’s quick thinking and professionalism, and believes from all accounts the boy would have probably died if not for Wendy’s quick intervention.
She said:  “We want Wendy to know just how proud we are of her. She won’t like the fuss because she’s not that type of person. But as a result of her actions a little old boy is alive today, and a family have not been robbed of their precious child.”