Glossop musician shortlisted for America award
Tuesday 28th June 2016 @ 09:09 by Adam Higgins

A Glossop musician can look forward to experiencing the red carpet after being nominated for a prestigious award in America. 

Andrew Mellor, who has been recognised by listeners from 150 American radio stations, will be the only English act at The 2016 Josie Music Awards on September 18.

He has been selected with 20 others in the Rock/Soft Rock Artist of the Year category to attend the black-tie ceremony for independent record labels at the Schermerhorn Symphony Centre in Nashville, Tennessee.

“I was shocked and honoured when I was told by my record company and manager in America I’d been nominated,” Andrew told the Chronicle.

“But it’s not about the winning – it’s about the taking part and recognition.

“To my knowledge, I’m the only person from Glossop who has ever been nominated for a music award in America.”

Andrew Mellor (2)

Strumming along: Andrew covers a plethora of genres including pop, country, rock and soul

The 51-year-old, born and raised in Glossop, began his musical journey in his early teens and was part of several bands.

He has performed at over 2,500 gigs at various venues across the UK and beyond – including Manchester’s Apollo Theatre, Glasgow’s SEC Arena and Cardiff International Arena.

Andrew took a 12-year break from music before deciding to embrace his musical creativity once again, returning with “unfinished business” in March 2015.

He said: “I decided last year I wanted to make some solo recordings because I felt I could tell my life story in lyrics and melody.

“I feel that the solo recordings I’ve produced are very strong, passionate and soulful.”

Over the last 12 months, Andrew has produced two solo albums – and both are due for release later this year.

“The first solo album will be released before the awards in September and consist of eight songs. It’s called ‘Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight’ after a Japanese proverb which means you keep fighting against adversity.

“The second is an acoustic album which will be released in the autumn. It will have around 16 songs but it’s untitled as of yet.”

Andrew Mellor (3)

Journey: Andrew’s passion for music stemmed from his school days when he began teaching himself to play the guitar

Andrew’s music has grown from strength to strength with three of his songs – Fractured, Open Road and Home – being played out to millions on three prominent radio stations in America.

His various music platforms and dedicated Facebook page have been viewed over 200,000 times while there is also a possibility of a live interview on primetime American TV.

Andrew added: “An insider from Los Angeles has said that Good Morning America – the flagship breakfast programme on ABC News – have shown interest in my story and they are working on featuring it on the show.

“I’d like to thank my army of fans from around the world for making this the proudest moment of my musical life.”

You can listen to some of Andrew’s music via his Number One Music page.