Dukinfield mum releases debut novel Alluvia
Thursday 2nd June 2016 @ 15:00 by Adam Higgins
Dukinfield News

Mother-of-four Jen Lewis is celebrating the release of her debut novel.

Jen, from Dukinfield, said the idea for the book popped into her head as she lay in bed one night and soon led her onto a journey of discovery.

“All of a sudden, this story started to pour out of me,” she said. “If you’d have asked me two years ago if I’d write a novel I’d have probably said no! So that was the initial idea and I just kind of went with it.

“I think I’ve discovered what I love to do. I was 33 when I started, I’m 34 now, and I always used to say ‘I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.’

“This journey of discovery into writing was like an epiphany, like ‘OK, this is what I want to be when I grow up!’

“I’ve loved every heart-breaking, hair-tearing, frustrating, joyous moment of it. That was a surprise; I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much.”

The novel is called Alluvia and is about, Jen says, a woman called Anna who doesn’t know who she’s going to be when she wakes up.

She continued: “Anna experiences life differently from us. She’s led this triple-existence happily until she meets this mysterious stranger and he appears in more than one of her lives and that’s the first time anyone has ever done that.

“It’s about her journey of discovering who the stranger is, why they experience life differently and even though she thinks she’s got lots of time to do that, it might be rapidly running out.”

Jen Lewis

It’s been a ten month journey for Jen from first picking up her laptop to write Alluvia.

Plus, she has been writing the book while balancing a job in construction sales, teaching martial arts and her busy family life.

Alluvia is book one of a planned trilogy, with the second instalment pencilled in for a November 2017 release date.

Jen says the feedback from family and friends as been very positive.

“I don’t know whether that’s because they are friends and family or not!” she said.

“I think my sisters would definitely be honest. They seem to have really understood; there are lots of secrets and hidden things in the book and I’m delighted to discover that they haven’t uncovered them, so she’s still got quite a lot to give as a novel.”

Alluvia is available to buy on Amazon and Jen can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“I want people to contact me and discuss the book. I’m hoping it will be more of a community once the readers have got through it.”


By Tom Greggan