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Derbyshire PCC Drug addiction needs treatment not jail
Tuesday 28th June 2016 @ 14:53 by Adam Higgins

Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has called for people dependent on drugs to receive treatment rather than be punished following the release of a new report.

Hardyal Dhindsa supports the health report which urges Whitehall to move away from prosecuting drug addicts and concentrate on recovery, giving help and reducing harm.

The report by the Royal Society for Public Health, called Taking a New Line on Drugs, says the criminalisation approach creates additional barriers to education and employment while failing to address the root cause of addiction.

Mr Dhindsa, of Labour, who was elected in May to replace Alan Charles, hopes the message will resonate and lead to a change in Government policy.

He said: “Addicts need experienced guidance and counselling to help them cope better with the chaos in their lives. No amount of sanctions will ever achieve this and in my experience they just don’t work.

“I want to make it clear that I’m not advocating the use of illegal drugs nor saying drug taking should be ignored by police.”