Ashton primary school hold ‘Happy Shoesday’
Monday 27th June 2016 @ 13:10 by Adam Higgins
Ashton News

Pupils at Ashton’s Canon Burrows Primary School showed off some fancy footwork as part of National Walk to School Week.

The school held a ‘Happy Shoesday’ where the children wore their favourite shoes in celebration of walking to school.

The school has a strong commitment to Walk to School Week – an initiative promoted by the charity Living Streets, as part of National Walking Month and supported by Tameside Council.

All pupils are encouraged to walk to school at least once a week throughout the year – and more if possible. The regular walkers gain special badges each month.

Canon Burrows teacher and eco-co-ordinator, Andy Clark, said: “We’re trying to encourage all of the children to walk to school as often as possible and to make it an extra special day, we’re calling it Happy Shoesday.

“All the children came to school wearing their special, exciting, glittery or fantastic shoes.

“We’ve had some wonderful examples of brilliant shoes that children wear to parties. We’ve even had someone come in their flippers in case they go swimming!”

Speaking about Walk to School Week, Tameside Council Executive Member for Lifelong Learning, Lynn Travis, said: “A generation ago, 70 per cent of us walked to school, but now that figure has halved.

“Tameside schools are doing a fantastic job of turning this around and getting more children walking again.

“Walking benefits the health, wellbeing and education of pupils, who arrive in class feeling happy, alert and ready to learn. There are also wider benefits for public health, the economy, the environment and increased road safety.

“A recent study projected that for every £1 invested in walking to school there is £7.64 return in benefits to the wider community.”

Andy added: “The children all understand walking is the healthiest, safest and most sensible way to travel.

“They are also committed to doing all the good things they can to help our planet.

“The Happy Shoesday helps them to highlight and celebrate their commitment to walking – they enjoy taking part and wearing their fanciest shoes for the day.”


By Tom Greggan