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Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra leads crowdfunding campaign to cut heart disease
Wednesday 28th October 2015 @ 16:54 by Nigel Skinner
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Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra has turned to the public to raise £50,000 to make and distribute a ground-breaking documentary movie with a message that could slash deaths from heart disease, the number one global killer, by 50 per cent.

Entitled “The Pioppi Protocol”, the documentary will deliver an entertaining, step by step guide to heart health for millions of people and is being supported by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

It examines why a simple misinterpretation of the original Mediterranean Diet – the foundation of modern nutritional policy and guidelines – has actually backfired and created an environment for ill health.

The film will also provide a clear pathway for anyone to dramatically reduce their risk of heart attack or stroke in just 21 days.

Globally, 50 per cent of heart attacks and strokes could be prevented from healthy diet alone, but our interpretation of “healthy” is coming under increasingly intense scrutiny.

In a quest for answers, Dr Malhotra, originally from Tameside, visited the village of Pioppi, southern Italy, the UNESCO protected Home of the Mediterranean Diet.

“There is no true Mediterranean Diet. There never has been,” he says.

“The true secrets of Mediterranean longevity certainly include food, but there are additional lifestyle factors we have left behind.

“We have gone back to the source to recover this knowledge.

“If we can scale this message successfully, this movie has the power to save millions of lives.” Added Dr Malhotra

The project is a joint production between Dr Malhotra and the creators of “Cereal Killers” (2013), the first movie to successfully confront the dangers of sugar and a fear of fat in our diet.

A decision to finance the movie independently comes hot on the heels of Coca Cola’s recent exposure for financially influencing nutritional research to favour its own agenda.

The clean slate strategy is consistent with the making of “Cereal Killers” and will deliver a movie – and a message – as pure as it is powerful.

A top down plan to cut heart disease by 50 per cent globally will see “The Pioppi Protocol” screening to doctors and political decison makers (in multiple languages) around the world before a general release to the public.

Commenting on the urgency of the project, Dr Malhotra added: “There is no time to waste. We know that a 21 day lifestyle intervention can dramatically improve heart health.

“The sooner we can get this project completed, the sooner we can start saving lives.

“We also plan to take this film to Downing Street and the White House to influence US and UK Governments to implement policy changes that could rapidly curb the increasing demand being put on our health systems by lifestyle driven diseases.”

The “Pioppi Protocol” aims to be the most comprehensive heart health documentary ever made.

Supporting the project Jamie Oliver said: “Any programme which looks at diet from the point of view of improving health is going to be important.

“Aseem is an expert when it comes to diet and the impact it can have – good or bad – and I’m sure his documentary will be a must-watch.”

The Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP and Chairman of the Parliamentary All Party Diabetes Group said: “Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra stands out as the most prolific and fearless doctor when it comes to exposing the truth about our health. This is one documentary film I’m very much looking forward to watch.

Professor Robert Lustig, one of the leading voices on childhood obesity and diabetes in the US said: “The Mediterranean Diet is one of the few diets with data that shows it works. But how it works, or why it works, remains in question.

“Dr. Malhotra is eminently equipped to dissect the diet and the lifestyle, and provide the information we need to turn our health and our health care systems around.”

The crowdfunding campaign can be found on the Kickstarter platform.

Only days are left to achieve the financial target – October 31.

A six minute trailer for the movie can be found at

To find out more about the Mediterranean Diet you can visit Dr Aseem’s website at