MP Backs Metrolink Orbital Plans in Tameside
Thursday 25th June 2015 @ 11:25 by Max Wieland
Hyde News

Hyde and Stalybridge MP Jonathan Reynolds is backing ambitious plans that could potentially revolutionise transport across Tameside.


Proposals have been unveiled for a tram system that would connect the whole of Greater Manchester in a similar way to that of the M60, and are calling it the Metrolink Orbital Route.

The system could see towns across Tameside connected with the Metrolink, which currently passes through Droylsden and ends in Ashton.

The MP says the region needs to lead the way following the Devolution settlement.

He said: “The public transport we have currently takes people out from the outskirts and into Manchester and back out again.

“We need to change that and get around the whole of Greater Manchester; we need a system that travels around the outskirts and not just from it.

“Let’s link up places like Stockport, Ashton and Oldham, with trams passing through Denton and Hyde.

“To have a system like that would be brilliant and it would be a great thing for Tameside and for its towns.”

– You can read more on this in the next edition of the Tameside Reporter (Thursday 2 July).