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Terry Martin talks Turtles on the Beach
Friday 24th April 2015 @ 10:02 by Anna Fletcher
Droylsden News Poet's Corner

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Terry Martin’s debut novel, Turtles on the Beach, has something for everyone with romance, politics, history and music all playing a part.

Terry, from Droyslden, is finding the experience quite a surreal one, saying: “It’s a bit scary, I mean I’m so self-critical that I can’t bear to open it, but I have given a copy to my mum to read. She likes it so far and if there was something wrong, she’d be the first to tell me!”

After giving up his work as a computer programmer after an operation for epilepsy, Terry found he had a real knack for writing and headed back into education.

Terry said: “I am still studying but when I finished the book I sent it out to publishers. My lecturers said it could take hundreds of times before someone said yes but I got three yes’ straight away which was very unexpected, I wasn’t prepared for it.”

The book follows Mary Granger, who wins a competition to report on the Moscow Olympics in 1979 where she falls in love with a Russian athlete, but then the Soviets invade Afghanistan setting in motion a series of events that define the rest of her life.

Terry said: “It is a book about destiny showing how worldwide events can affect us all and how ultimately how they take second place to destiny in shaping our lives.”

As for the book’s title, Terry explained: “The book is about destiny and turtles have to go through all these obstacles to get to the water but when they are there they have met their destiny so it about that journey.”

Terry is toying around with ideas for his second novel and is almost set on the idea of writing in the horror/sci-fi genre.

He said: “I’ve always been interested in Stephen King, I read IT a while ago, a lot of people consider that book to be literary fiction, a cut above the rest of his work because of how it deals with the mind. That book really got to me and it taught me a lot about how to write, so I am thinking of doing something similar.”

Psychology is a big influence for Terry and he studied a lot of Freud whilst creating his characters for Turtles on the Beach.

He said: “It was a big influence, I originally did that because this is form the point of view of a woman and I’m not one, so I did some research into psychology and brought in the character’s childhood and experiences.”

Terry also runs his own copywriting business, where you can buy copies of Turtles on the Beach or you can visit

You can win a copy of Turtles on the Beach in this week’s Tameside Reporter (23rd April) out now.