Denton Girls FC Gear Up for Germany Trip
Friday 10th October 2014 @ 13:00 by Mark Phillip
Football Sports

A squad of budding footballers are set to cross the channel next week in a bid to cement their place on European soil.

That’s because Denton Girls FC will grace Germany in an effort to promote international links with Denton’s Twin town, Kierspe.

The squad members who are heading to Germany

The squad members who are heading to Germany

The journey to North-West Germany is being heavily supported by the Denton Town Twinning Association; a community organisation designed to cultivate educational, cultural, economic and personal links between the citizens of Denton and its twin towns.

Despite the squad looking to showcase their skills and implement their English brand of football, they will also swat up on their social and cultural links by visiting local schools and introducing themselves to the medieval, Atlena Hill Castle.

The packed four day itinery follows months of hard work, where the girls have performed a number of fundraising initiatives, including a bag pack at Asda in Hyde last July. The under 11 and Under 14’s girls took to the superstore from 10am till 4pm, helping shoppers pack their items whilst promoting the opportunities to join the squads for the approaching season.

And it’s not just been the players hard at work to generate the funds, as dedicated parents and coaches joined in the fun too, with the day’s bag packing efforts totalling £547.

The enthusiasm and selfless nature of volunteers is an aspect lauded by Pete Watt. The chairman of the football club heaped praise on their commitment and stated “It’s a fantastic opportunity for the girls.

“The hard work and fundraising put in by the players and coaches is going to provide them with a genuine opportunity to see and experience Germany in a truly fantastic way.”

Pete’s sentiments were echoed by that of club coach and treasurer, Nigel McAdam, whose past experience of the German Town has got him quite excited. He added “I’ve been out to visit Kierspe previously now to check out the facility.

“The support and attitude of locals there is fantastic and I’m thoroughly excited to see how the girls get on out there when we fly out at the end of October.”

Despite the voyage being the first of its kind, the club have already outlined their intention to return, with Nigel stating “we will of course be putting all the pictures, information and feedback from the trip up on our website as an inspiration to the younger players as we plan on making this a regular affair.”