Aaron aims for England call-up
Friday 31st October 2014 @ 16:38 by Mark Phillip
Football Sports

With a series of Man of the Match awards attached to his name and some recent glittering performances, it appears the only way is up for Aaron Chalmers.

The 15 year old, who undertook a week of work experience with Tameside Radio, is a familiar face in the undiscovered world of wheelchair football.

Aaron spared some time from his schedule with the radio to speak to reporter sport about his hopes for the future.

And given his optimistic ambitions, the future looks bright for the Rochdale based pupil. He told us “I play wheelchair football for Oldham Wheelies and got into the sport through word of mouth.

“One of my mates who is also in a wheelchair was playing the sport before me, so when he told me all about it, I went to a training session and completely fell in love with it.”

The rules and regulations of wheelchair football differ from the ordinary game, but the passion Aaron has for the sport is very much the same. He added “We use a very big ball and have bumpers attached to the chair to make it easier to control the ball.

“It’s played in a sports hall and there are various leagues up and down the country to play in.”
Aaron alludes to the 13 inch ball used during competition, along with the chair attachments designed to protect player’s feet.

Eight players make up one team and one of the squad members is assigned goalkeeping responsibility.

Given the technicalities associated with the sport, tackling is a rule that must be strictly adhered to. Aaron said “One of the main rules associated with the game is the two on one. If you have two defenders on one attacker then a free kick is awarded.”

The rule enables matches to flow freely and provides an even balance to proceedings. Scoring a goal can only be achieved if two or less defenders are located in the penalty area at one given time.

Having played the sport for nearly two years, the youngster is a fairly new face to the game. Despite the relatively short time span, Aaron has been involved in a meteoric rise. He told us “I play for a club called the Oldham Wheelies who train at Mahdlo Youth Zone every Wednesday night.

“The competitions not been too great this year if I’m honest because we’re kind of running away with it.”

Recent success has seen the wheelies win five of their six opening games, giving credence to Aarons ambitious desires. He said “I’d love to play for England in a few years and hopefully it will happen at some point.

“I’ll just have to keep playing the way I am and make sure I get better.”