An up-lifting experience
Saturday 20th September 2014 @ 09:00 by Mark Phillip

Not many 22-year-olds can boast of competing in three world championships and owning their own business, but one man from Ashton has proved to be the exception.

Step up, Chris Glover. The strength and conditioning coach has a plethora of accolades attached to his name, most notably securing first place in the 2009 World Power lifting championships.

Introduced to weights at a young age, the keen sportsman has coached a wide range of professional athletes across six different sports after first being involved in the strength and conditioning of the Warrington Wolves Rugby League scholarship team which was held at Audenshaw School and was led by director of rugby Chris Rose.

Chris, a former Audenshaw High School pupil, has never looked back and has reaped the rewards in doing so.

His infatuation with the iron is an ideal shared by many, as an increase in gym memberships across the country will testify.

Chris now hopes to encourage more women to take up the sport. He told us: “There is a certain stigma around weight training that holds no value. I’m often told by women ‘lifting weights will make me big’ or ‘weights will turn me manly’ but there’s no substance to any of these claims.”

He added: “I want to help, inspire and educate women to stray beyond their comfort zone and engage in something that will undoubtedly improve their lives.”

Glover shares his time between studying for a post-graduate degree via distance learning and rallying clients in the gym.

But his interest in fitness doesn’t stop there. Chris recently launched a website, dubbed ‘weights 4 women’ that chronicles the lives of women inspired by lifting weights.

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