The Landing.
Friday 8th August 2014 @ 10:44 by Anna Fletcher
Poet's Corner

quill (2)

All packed in and ready,
round the craft a fleeting glance
Hundreds of boats with soldiers on,
to a beach in Northern France

Heavily armed and fortified,
the enemy well dug in
Our grit, determination,
will see us through to win

One mile to go, a final check,
machine gun safety gate
Bow door down, one way out,
the sea then beach await

Wading through the water,
slowing our advance
Shells exploding all around,
machine gun bullets glance

Bodies of our comrades,
littered round the beach
Keeping low and driving on
the defences we did breach

A flag goes up, the head in sight,
front line starts to spread
Looking back come more troops
treat wounded and the dead

Smaller numbers make the top,
made knwon by a fleeting glance
It’s just begun and never forgot,
the D-day northern France.

Paul Broadhurst.