Local elections 2014
Friday 23rd May 2014 @ 12:00 by Max Wieland
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UNDERWAY: The votes are currently being validated at Dukinfield Town Hall.

UNDERWAY: The votes are currently being validated at Dukinfield Town Hall.

Tameside and Glossop went to the polls last night in the Euro and local elections.

It is the first time in five years since the last European elections and in Tameside it is two years ago since the last local elections were held in 2012.

One third of the seats will be up for grabs at Tameside Council, which is 19 of the 57, with these particular seats contested back in 2010.

In the 2012 Tameside Council elections Labour romped home, increasing their majority and scooping 18 of the 19 seats available, an increase of five seats.

That night proved a costly one for the Conservatives, as they won the only remaining seat, losing four seats overall. The independents also lost one of their seats.

The vote share saw Labour take 57.9 per cent, the Conservatives polling 20.5 per cent, UKIP 8.8 per cent, The Greens 6.7 per cent, the Independents 3.7 per cent and others 2.5 per cent.

At present Labour has 51 seats and the Conservatives the remaining six on the council. No Lib Dems are standing for election.

There are no local elections in Glossop this year but the count is going on today (Friday) at Dukinfield Town Hall for the Tameside Council elections.

Results are expected to come in from 2.30pm onwards.

The following candidates are standing for election.

Debbie Boulton (Lab),

Paul Lee Buckley (Con),

Charlotte Hughes (Green).


Ashton St Michael’s:


Liam Anthony Billington (Con),

Mary Margaret Josephine Doherty (Patriotic Socialist),

Bill Fairfoull (Lab),

Nigel Rolland (Green).


Ashton Waterloo:


Jack Michael Rankin (Con),

Andrew David Threlfall (Green),

Lynn Travis (Lab).




Nancy Jaeger (Green),

Oliver David Ryan (Lab),

David Turner (UKIP),

Colin Stanley White (Con).


Denton North East:
Gerard Joseph Boyd (Green),

Dennis Connor (UKIP),

Vincent Ricci (Lab),

Carol White (Con).


Denton South:


Claire Francis (Lab),

Dean Kavanagh (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against the Cuts),

Carl Simmons (Ind),

Michael Smee (Green),

Jacob Alexander Sutcliffe (Con).


Denton West:


Thomas Anthony Dunne (Con),

Michael Smith (Lab),

Jacintha Muriel Manchester



Droylsden East:


Liv Brannon (Con),

Sue Quinn (Lab),

Ted Salmon (UKIP),

Mark Thomas Stanley (Green).


Droylsden West:


Jo Booth (Green),

Ian Connor (BNP),

Barrie Holland (Lab),

Tracy Radcliffe (UKIP),

Gill Westhead (Con).




John Cooke (UKIP),

Zoe Gallacher (Con),

Jacqueline Elizabeth Ann Lane (Lab),

Julie Wood (Green).


Dukinfield Stalybridge:


Eleanor Ballagher (Lab),

Wayne Peter Jones (UKIP),

Emily Kate Kelly (Green),

Christine Winifred Liley (Con),

Steve Starlord (Ind).


Hyde Godley:


Jim Fitzpatrick (Lab),

Iqbal Mohammed (Con),

Nicholas Koopman (Green).


Hyde Newton:


Philip Fitzpatrick (Lab),

Craig John Halliday (Con),

Andrew Mark Highton (Green),

Gail Barbara Jones (UKIP).


Hyde Werneth:


Philip Chadwick (UKIP),

Andy Kinsey (Lab),

Melanie Roberts (Green),

Ruth Welsh (Con).




Janet Cooper (Lab),

Kevin Misell (UKIP),

John Thomas Kelly (Green),

David Tyler (Con).




Amanda Jane Buckley (Con),

Christine Anne Clark (Green),

Frank Travis (Lab).


St Peter’s:


Joyce Bowerman (Lab),

Trevor Clarke (Green),

Bill Kitchen (BNP),

Gus Thomas Rankin (Con).


Stalybridge North:


Angela McManus (UKIP),

Clive Alistair Patrick (Con),

Jean Margaret Smee (Green),

Kevin Welsh (Lab).


Stalybridge South:


Dorothy Cartwright (Lab),

Basil Beeley (Con),

Colette Barlow (UKIP),

Mohammed Ramzan (Green).

In the forthcoming Euro elections residents in Tameside will be voting to help elect eight Members of the European Parliament across the North West region, while in Glossop residents will be voting to elect five MEPs in the East Midlands.

More than five million people across North West England have the opportunity to vote and in the East Midlands region it will be more than four million.

The North West region presently has three Conservative MEPs, two Labour, one Lib Dem, one UKIP and one BNP.

The East Midlands has two UKIP, one Conservative, one Labour and one Lib Dem MEP representing their area.

Voters went to the polls on yesterday (Thursday, May 22) for both elections.

The North West European elections count and declaration will be on Sunday, May 25, as polls close across Europe.

Steven Pleasant, Tameside’s local elections Returning Officer, said: “Elections give people the chance to elect the politicians who they feel are best placed to represent their views. It is essential to make sure that nobody loses out on their right to vote because they are not registered.

“Taking part is so important because it means you can have a say on the issues that affect you, from the environment to international trade and transport.”