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One for the boys
Sunday 16th March 2014 @ 12:46 by Nigel Skinner
Film Reviews


Into your Greek history, visual effects, bulging muscles,
graphic fight scenes etc? You get the idea.

Then this could be right up your street. When Greek general Themistokles leads the charge against invading Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes things get very bloody, very fast. But just as in the last 300 back in 2006 we watch this historic adventure unfold with incredible visuals.

This being a sequel to the very popular original 300, and having not seen the first film myself, while hearing good reports, I was expecting to be a bit lost.

But I was pleasantly surprised that I found the whole film very engaging. The story is pretty reliant on the dialogue, something I’m not that keen on when it comes to films based on historic events, (no concentration span me), but I was amazed how much of this film I did understand.

Before I go any further, one thing I must make clear is that the events told in both 300 films are wildly, fictionalized re-tellings of Greek history. Madder, badder, bigger, all in aid of putting bums on seats.

Best not to turn up with your Greek historian’s hat on, you’ll only be disappointed. Don’t let that hold you back though, this new film is good value nonetheless.

The 300 films have been classed as a bit of a niche movie genre, something with a small strong fan base, but this one seems to have proven the critics wrong, blasting its way to the top of the charts, grossing an amazing $132.9m in the box office on its first weekend. It’s now officially a blockbuster!

But what’s made this so popular? Maybe the eight-year wait for the sequel has fired up the fans, or then again, perhaps it’s just a good movie.

As with any film with a $110 million budget you’d expect this to have its fare share of expensive visual effects and great acting and you wouldn’t be wrong. With two fantastic leads (Sullivan Stapleton and Eva Green) its no wonder that there’s a buzz around about this movie.

All in all I think this film was a great watch, it might not be the perfect one to watch with the other half, but its definitely one for the boys. Just make sure you’re not of a squeamish nature as there’s blood and guts galore.

But as always go and watch the film yourself, don’t just take my word.

Pop down to your local
Cineworld this week to catch this one before it’s gone!

Fraser Cottrell