The People’s Gallery has David down to a fine art
Tuesday 18th February 2014 @ 12:00 by Mark Phillip


BIG DRAW: More than 100 art lovers attended the opening night of artist David Stockwell's exhibition at Stalybridge's Peoples Gallery on Friday.

BIG DRAW: More than 100 art lovers attended the opening night of artist David Stockwell’s exhibition at Stalybridge’s Peoples Gallery on Friday.

An exhibition in fine art was launched at the People’s Gallery in Stalybridge on Friday.

The building, renowned for showcasing art work across a wide spectrum, is playing host to the talents of Mottram resident David Stockwell.

His pieces will be showcased across the month of February, giving lovers of art the chance to view beautifully crafted paintings and the opportunity to purchase some of them.

David was born and educated in Southampton, gaining a BA (hons) degree in fine Art from the University of Reading in 1962.

His artistic endeavours saw him travel North and was rewarded with a position as ‘director of Art’ at Manchester Grammar School.

His artistic output has increased since 2009, grabbing the attention of People’s Gallery owner Gordon Clegg.

Fascinated by David’s particular style, Gordon was delighted to host the exhibition showcasing the best of
David’s work.

He told us: “I’ve wanted to bring David’s work to the Gallery for quite a while now and have always been a huge admirer of his work.

“He’s a well respected man with a broad knowledge of art and espouses this knowledge to keen enthusiasts.”

The opening evening attracted more than 100 people with both landscapes and portraits admired in abundance.

Those that turned up for the event were treated to a large glass of red wine – or two – and provided a great place to talk about all things David.

Twelve paintings were sold on the night, adding to the evening’s success.

Gordon was delighted with the success of the opening and accredited its triumph to those that turned out.

He told us: “David’s been a friend of the Gallery for years now and to see so many people turn out in support of him is testament to his character.”