Delivering more than just laughs
Thursday 23rd January 2014 @ 19:18 by Fraser Cottrell
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The very funny Vince Vaughn tries his hand at something a little more serious in the Delivery Man this week, and he’s done a pretty good job. A meat deliveryman, (David Wozniak), working for the family shop, finds out he’s the father to 533 children through anonymous donations to a fertility clinic. He must decide if coming out as the father is the best decision he can make, as 142 of them file a lawsuit to reveal his identity.

As far as comedies go this was great.It certainly put a smile on my face, not the easiest task on a chilly January day. But this is also a drama and somehow I feel that it would have been better just being one or the other. The film’s storyline is great, perhaps its strongest selling point. Coming from a fantastic original screenplay called ‘Starbuck’ it was adapted into the film Delivery Man. But it just has too many ups and downs to be classed as a comedy film, yes it did make me laugh and that’s what comedies are written to do, but if you took that comedy element away I don’t think we’d miss it. But this story is also great drama; with sadness and happiness all mixed into one, it really plays on those heartstrings. Oddly enough, I feel that the film lost its way a little somewhere around the middle, a very large build up for little or no payoff. We could have had more about the lawsuit, which seemed to be a pretty large part of the film. Instead we were led away to explore David’s love life.

Nonetheless, the film was a good watch and it had me laughing, along with the rest of the audience. But those laughs are to few and far between. If the film was given an extra push in either a comedic or dramatic direction it could have been far better.Technically, the film is pretty well made, the look is great and the directing fantastic. I think this is a film you can lose yourself in for a little while. I have to be honest in the past few years I’ve been disappointed with most films starring Vince Vaughn as they haven’t lived up to the hype of their trailers or media clips, but this one is a little different.

We see Vaughn in a new light as having a much broader range of skills than just an ordinary comedy actor. There are also notable comedy performances from Chris Pratt and surprisingly Cobie Smulders from How I met Your Mother, who gel together in a pleasingly natural way along with the rest of a great cast who all work well towards providing a very watchable movie. To round up I think its one that’s definitely worth a watch, it might not be a ground breaker but its one to visit when you fancy a bit of lighthearted cinema.Make sure you pop to your local cineworld to check this one out.

review by Fraser Cottrell