Flash floods warning
Friday 13th December 2013 @ 20:33 by Lisa B

The floods which devastated parts of Glossop 11 years ago could return without warning.

That’s the stark message in a shock Environment Agency report. Experts have identified the town as at risk from flash floods.

Families living close to rivers that burst their banks in 2002 have been contacted. High Peak Borough Council has also been given a briefing by the agency.

The alert comes after the Environment Agency identified communities across the North which are at risk from flash flooding.

They have come up with a register of catchment areas where the speed and depth of flooding would cause ‘extreme risk to life.’

Particular emphasis was placed on Glossop in view of  the 2002 flood that ripped through the heart of town causing damage running into six figures.

Local agency community engagement officer Lynsey Cottle said: “Flash flooding can happen at any time without warning.

“We have had a community awareness meeting with people in Glossop whose homes are near water courses, to hear any issues of concern they may have.”

The council is also involved in forming an action group to deal with any future flooding.

Emergency services and care agencies will form part of the team. Meetings will take place in the New Year so Glossop can develop its own flood strategy.

Lynsey stresses that everyone has a part to play if Glossop is flooded. They range from looking after vulnerable neighbours, helping those whose homes are under water, to getting a supply of sand bags.

Lynsey will be contacting people living in low-lying areas. You can also contact her on 079172 46493, or email [email protected]

by David Jones