Unlock funds for Willow Wood
Thursday 1st August 2013 @ 12:15 by Mark Phillip

Willow Wood Hospice has just “unlocked” a new and exciting scheme that it hopes will raise thousands of pounds to help them care for local people in need of their specialist care.
It is a recognised fact that most people will have sets of redundant keys sat lying around the house, taking up room at the bottom of drawers or at the bottom of wardrobes.
They may have moved house and still have their old sets of keys, locks may have been changed or as in most cases people will just have accumulated keys over the years.
John Fellowes, Head of Fundraising for the Hospice, explains: “I was just on the verge of throwing away a couple of old keys in the bin when it occurred to me that we should be able to recycle them.
“Research showed that there weren’t any local “Key” schemes so having spoken to our friends at Manchester-based Singletons Metal Recycling we are now launching a joint “key amnesty”.
John continued: “It’s a simple idea and we are
hoping for all types of keys to be donated, brass, steel, tin, and aluminium keys – they will all help and it’s not just old house keys we would like.
“Old padlock keys, old shed keys, old bike lock keys are just a few of the types of keys we are hoping people will donate – in fact we could even recycle the old locks as well.”
Finally John added: “With the school holidays now with us this could be a great way of keeping the kids entertained for an hour or so – just give them a bunch of old keys and ask them to check if they still work.”
Anyone wanting to know how their company or school could help with this recycling idea is asked to contact John on (0161) 330 7788.
The hospice has shops in Ashton, Denton, Droylsden, Glossop, Hyde and Stalybridge – call (0161) 330 7788 for your nearest one, plus there is also a collection point in the Hospice reception too.
Also keys can be donated at Ladd’s Chemist, Birch Lane Dukinfield, KeyFax, King Street, Dukinfield and the Lodge Public House, Cheetham Hill Road, Dukinfield.