ELECTIONS 2017 Homepage
Use this page to see historical election data (from 2010) and see who's standing in your area for the upcoming 2017 Snap General Election being held on May 22nd. We'll update this once any results have been announced. To begin viewing results and candidates, please click a ward/consituency.


Borough Council

Mossley Parish Council

Disclaimer: Election vote data shown is as published by Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council; while our servers calculate vote and turnout percentages using TMBC's vote count for each candidate.

Party Colours and Abbreviations Used

(in no particular order)

CON - Conservative Party
GRN - The Green Party
IND - Independent candidate
MRLP - The Official Monster Raving Loony Party
LAB - Labour Party (also used for The Labour and the Co-operative Party)
NOC - No Overall Control (where one candidate hasn't uninamiously won that seat)
UKIP - UK Independence Party
LIB - Liberal Democrats
CBP - Community Party of Great Britain
TUSC - Trade Unionist and Socialists Against The Cuts
EDE - English Democrats
BNP - British National Party
PSP - Patriotic Socialist Party