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     SEPTEMBER 20, 2018
           A huge thank you to all our H20 heroes for saving water at home and in the garden.
    It’s easy to be an H2O hero
    Even though it’s been raining, reservoir levels across the North West are still lower than we’d like, so please help by continuing to use a little less water.
Saving water can be really simple. Did you know switching off the tap while you brush your teeth can save six litres of water per minute?
Other easy ways you can save water in the home:
- Spend one minute less in the shower
- Wait until you have a full load in your washing machine, you’ll save energy too!
Our leakage teams are also working hard to repair leaks. So if you spot a leak in the road or street, please let us know at or call us on 0800 330 033.
Remember, every drop helps save a lot!
       For hints and tips and to order FREE water saving gadgets, visit

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