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19th Jun   Writer Robert Williams came along to Tameside Central Library to talk about his third novel Into the Trees. He spoke with The Reporter about his new book, his journey to becoming a writer and a recent new addition to his family. Robert said: “Into the Trees is about a family who buy a dilapidated […]
17th Jun   Along the country lane he ambled, Between the hedges that were brambled. Not a care for what the towns did do, Not one thought for the likes of me and you.   Rates, taxes, mortgages too, He didn’t have a clue. A razor blade he knew not, Yet he was clean as a baby […]
16th Jun   All’s well with the world and I’m in my chair, Watching the telly, without any care. The bread machine’s going, all rumbles and bleeps, And the dog on my lap contentedly sleeps.   She snores and she grunts and the bread machine whirs, It puts forth a scent that my sense of smell stirs […]
13th Jun   In this colonial concrete mess that we live in there’s always room for taking but theres no room left for giving. We tunnel through the day I wish I could fish eye your perspective, Make the poor unpoor and humble the elected. We defile Mother Nature and desecrate her face. We think we hold […]
12th Jun “Are you a red or are you a blue?, Football crazy, that’s you all through. You’re sad when they lose, a bout of the blues, But paint the town red when the other team lose. Come rain or come shine, you’re hot or you’re wet, You will that ball to go into the net. The […]
10th Jun Automated phone lines, it’s a real cheek Make the company lots of cash, and us that use them freak You listen to there opening hours, then option 1-6 They know that you won’t end the call, that’s one of many tricks “I’m sorry that you can’t get through, will you hold the line” Then some […]
5th Jun   Now there once was a lemon and lime Who argued all time Until one day the lemon said oh why do we quarrel my green, oval friend? I don’t know replied the lime, you drive me round the bend 5 years on, they made up before the situation got chronic They even moved in […]