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27th Jul When we’ve been hurt in the past We wonder how long it will last Although we know it and we try not to show it We can’t make it stay in the past. Just as the dawn brings a new day And we ask for some help on the way We hope that it brings, […]
26th Jul Thank you, Mrs Smith for teaching me three times three is nine, and making learning a happy and fun time. Gardening green and strawberries rosy red, we put all our flowers in their warm bed. One of the subjects I really enjoyed, was learning about the Titanic and how it was destroyed. I liked learning […]
24th Jul I have to use a wheelchair And have a special bed That ups and downs And bends and folds To let me rest my head. I have to wait for breakfast It’s brought to me in bed I like some toast With tea the most I really am well fed. I also have three Yorkies […]
21st Jul In a list of female icons Most would list her first Fearless feminist, Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst If she’s not at the top she certainly won’t be far The showbiz queen, the original superstar Bonnie and beautiful from her head to her toe The incomparable Norma Jean, Miss Marilyn Monroe What about the woman who rose […]
19th Jul I’m a credit dinosaur my feet stuck to the ground My money in my pocket no plastic on me found I hear of all the fraud and grief these credit cards do cause The banks all say that they are safe, the problem is all yours We swiped and signed our money away, now we […]
18th Jul “Are you a red or are you a blue?, Football crazy, that’s you all through. You’re sad when they lose, a bout of the blues, But paint the town red when the other team lose. Come rain or come shine, you’re hot or you’re wet, You will that ball to go into the net. The […]
17th Jul Matthew Corrigan’s first novel Osprey begins on Werneth Low and moves across Tameside and Greater Manchester. It follows corrupt local politician Andy King as he tries to run a scam involving renewable energy. Matthew is bemused at the success he has received since first trying his hand at writing only 3 years ago as he […]
14th Jul My heart is sunk ,dazed and love drunk, Lapping up denial like a deluded fruit punch. Never been a quitter and I can’t quit you not after the emotion battlefields we clambered through. I can’t make your heart beat in unison with mine or get you love drunk without the use of wine. Pounding of […]
12th Jul Eric the elephant had a long trunk, And one day he decided to get drunk. When the landlord was looking the other way, Into the cellar Eric did stray. In the cellar he had no fear, And he put his trunk into a barrel of beer. When he had drunk the barrel dry, Another one […]
10th Jul Martin Edwards latest novel ‘The Frozen Shroud,’ part of his Lake District Mysteries, has just been released in paperback. He sat down with us for a chat about his many novels and what writing means to him. Martin was a full time solicitor until a couple of years ago when he decided to go part […]