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27th Mar     A group of women have joined creative forces to write a series of short stories to fundraise for The Christie. Tell-Tales is a collection of 13 short stories complied by Sally Clegg from New Mills and Sharon Goddard from Marple Bridge. The idea first came at the group’s regular post Pilate’s coffee at Libby’s […]
26th Mar A chance sighting at Park Bridge in Ashton over 60 years ago has now inspired a novel for 94-year-old Barbara Sowood. Barbara first moved to Ashton when she was married and lived there for thirty years. On a trip to Park Bridge she caught sight of a sign that used to stand at the front […]
17th Mar   Time for Tanechka, Neil Millington’s debut novel, is an exciting journey across time and history as we follow Arthur Benjamin who discovers one of two special egg timers capable of transporting their handlers to any specific time they wish to visit or that the timer wishes them to visit. After becoming owner to the […]
10th Feb   ‘A modern father (…and dad blogger)’ by John Adams is both a funny and moving account of what it is like to be a stay at home dad in today’s society. The chapters are short and easy to read and cover things such as fatherhood exclusion, starting school and what’s next for stay at […]
23rd Jan   In Tannika Nelson’s new novel Underclass 7, seven men get more than they bargained for after burgling an old abandoned house. Tannika based her novel around the seven deadly sins with each character representing one of them. She categorises the book as a crime novel with a supernatural element to it and is already […]
1st Dec   Max Survives Paris is a wonderful crime adventure book for young adults following Max who finds himself on holiday in France at the wrong time and place as he gets sucked into a mystery much bigger than himself and has to help to unravel it! The book is Margaret De Rohan’s fourth book in […]
11th Aug The roads are busy enough today, Without more L-drivers making their way. Oh! there goes another one passing me by. I’m shaking so much I feel I could cry. “Look, listen and signal” my instructor demands, But all I can see are my shaking hands. “Get out of the middle lane, slow down you’re too […]
9th Aug Dave Marriott’s first book Where Shall We Walk Today? follows his and his wife’s journey walking all 267 miles of the Pennine Way over 3 weeks. Dave grew up in the 1960s in a small Derbyshire mining village and on one school trip to Edale caught a glimpse of the Pennine Way and vowed to […]
8th Aug Before I close my eyes at last, before I close my eyes Just let me see the poppies bloom beneath the cobalt skies. Just let me see the poppies blow the way they did in France When all of us were young, before the Sergeant said “Advance”. Before they sent us into Hell, before we […]
8th Aug All packed in and ready, round the craft a fleeting glance Hundreds of boats with soldiers on, to a beach in Northern France Heavily armed and fortified, the enemy well dug in Our grit, determination, will see us through to win One mile to go, a final check, machine gun safety gate Bow door down, […]