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From the Poet's Corner Archives
10th Jul Ever heard of a gardener who is positive he has Viking ancestry? Well you can meet him and many more characters in Phil Poyser’s delightful debut Eric Bloodaxe and Other Verse. Phil visiting the Tameside Radio studio. Phil has been writing all his life, however it was after fellow poet Brian Patton visited Macclesfield that he became […]
3rd Jul   72-year-old Doris is determined to win the WI Garden Safari competition and is dragging long-suffering husband, ‘arold, along for the ride in fantastic new comedy ‘Our Doris.’ The voices in the book are so authentic you may be surprised to discover that the voice behind them is 22-year-old Charles Heathcote who is making quite […]
26th Jun Margaret Holbrook is delving into the folk tradition in her new novel ‘Picking the Bones.’ The book contains nine short stories crafted in the folk tradition. A talking oak tree, a cat with a knack for giving advice and a crow with plans are just a few of the wonderful characters splashed across the pages. […]
19th May I went for a walk around Romiley I saw the lovely trees I went past the Romiley forum I went through the park On the swings and roundabout. I went on the slide I played football, I bought some lemonade and some sweets And a packet of crisps. It was a lovely day, It was […]
19th May   Reading ‘The Poems of Anthony Warren Bardsley’ almost feels like you are reading his life story, getting to know him through the pages. Anthony has been writing poetry since he was a teenager and continues to do so despite struggling with his health. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and epilepsy, but still greatly enjoys […]
19th May   A music teacher has taken her rhythms to the page with her first children’s book Slug. After becoming bored with the usual songs she sang with infants, Teresa Dewhurst began to create her own and it was this that inspired her writing. She said: “I started messing around with poetry for the kids and […]
19th May An interest in myths and folklore has led author Margaret Holbrook into creating a book of poetry, ‘Hobby Horses Will Dance.’ Margaret said: “I’m really interested in Anglo Saxon history and it is based on those months of the year. The back of the book actually has pages where you can look up the different […]
24th Apr Victorian Literature Workshops 1853.   In 1853 Elizabeth Gaskell published ‘Ruth; Charles Dickens was at work on ‘Hard Times’ and Charlotte Bronte published ‘Villette.’   Sherry Ashworth, writer and Visiting Teaching Fellow of the Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan University will lead the workshops, designed to enrich your understanding and appreciation of these books. All […]
24th Apr Terry Martin’s debut novel, Turtles on the Beach, has something for everyone with romance, politics, history and music all playing a part. Terry, from Droyslden, is finding the experience quite a surreal one, saying: “It’s a bit scary, I mean I’m so self-critical that I can’t bear to open it, but I have given a […]
17th Apr   Christopher Hedgethorne was so inspired after his first visit to Guyana in South America, he ended up penning his first novel aimed at young readers. Mosquito Mansion and my misadventures in Mudland is set in the 1800s on a plantation in the Caribbean. Christopher visited Guyana as it had been a lifelong dream to […]