From the Gorton & Openshaw Archives
28th Apr   A Chinese man who had only been allowed to stay in the country pending an appeal after being refused ‘Further leave to remain’ in the UK, has been found guilty of murdering his wealthy friend. Ming Jiang, 43 was found guilty at Minshull Street Crown Court of the “ruthless and brutal” murder of his […]
27th Apr Minshull Street Crown Court heard two equally compelling concluding speeches from prosecution and defence counsel’s today in the trial of Ming Jiang accused of murdering his friend and countryman Yang Liu. The Jury heard first from Mr Wright Q.C. who yesterday concluded his cross examination of Ming Jiang exposing yet another lie that Jiang had […]
26th Apr The trial of Ming Jiang accused of murdering his fellow Chinese countryman, Yang Liu, continued yesterday at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester. Defence Counsel Guy Gozem Q.C. continued questioning his client about blood evidence found in Jiang’s flat and on his clothes. Mr Gozem said: “There was a lot of blood in your flat wasn’t there?” […]
24th Apr   Ming Jiang, accused of the murder of his Chinese compatriot and then assuming his identity to embezzle thousands of pounds from his accounts, continued giving evidence today. Whilst giving answers to his Defence Counsel Mr Gaias Gozem Q.C. about why he lied in several different accounts he gave to police in interview, he broke […]
23rd Apr A pregnant woman is one of two pedestrians recovering after having bleach thrown into their eyes by a passenger in a car. Police say a man and the woman were lucky to escape suffering potentially ‘catastrophic’ injuries in the attack. Inspector Cherie Dunn from GMP’s City of Manchester division said: “Attacks of this kind are […]
22nd Apr   Defence Counsel for Ming Jiang, accused of murdering Yang Liu last October put his client in the witness box and began trawling through the mountain of prosecution evidence brought against him. Guy Gozem Q.C. frequently told his quietly spoken client to raise his voice and  to stick to answering the questions he was putting to […]
21st Apr     Minshull Street Crown Court, heard how Ming Jiang accused of the murder of his fellow countryman Yang Liu last October, had been involved in multiple credit casrd frauds over a number of years. The revelations came when the court was told that despite Jiang having no previous convictions, cautions or warnings recorded against […]
18th Apr   Day Ten of the Yang Liu murder trial, heard how the accused Ming Jiang was helping himself to a £700 i Phone, by using his alleged victim’s credit card as the police net was tightening around him. Police who began investigating on October 10th after an unknown body was discovered in a lay-by near Tintwistle, were […]
12th Apr Police are appealing for the public’s help to trace the next-of-kin of a man from Gorton. Ernest George, 89, sadly passed away at his home in Abbey Hey on Tuesday, April 11. There are no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. It is believed he had a daughter, possibly named Linda, who moved to Australia around […]
12th Apr The jury in the murder trial of Ming Jiang, has heard how the victim’s DNA has been matched with samples taken from multiple belongings of the accused. Yiang Liu’s torso was found in a burnt-out suitcase near Tintwistle in October 2016, and jurors at Minshull Street Crown Court, were told yesterday how his DNA has been […]