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Can you give a rescued ex-battery hen a home?
Friday 15th March 2019 @ 09:53 by Tom Greggan
Droylsden News Tameside

An animal shelter in Clayton appealing for people to give rescued ex-battery hens a second chance in a loving home.

Millstream Animal Shelter has been tirelessly driving up and down to Castlefield, as the working farm that previously held 12,000 chickens is set to close down.

If good, ethical homes cannot be found for all of them by the end of March – they will sadly be sent to slaughter.

A number of shelters have been helping alongside Millstream to collect the birds, many of which have suffered injuries due to their incredibly stressful living conditions. 

If homes for the hens aren’t found by the end of March, they’ll sadly be sent to slaughter.

Carla Southern, 35, who is a manager at the shelter says that their situation is desperate.

“The hens come from a place where there is no natural light or ventilation, when we took them outside on Saturday it was the first time they had seen the sun,” she said.

“Some of the girls have crooked necks just from being grabbed, one has a broken beak and a lot of them don’t have feathers. Many of them don’t even know how to perch. It was awful.”

The team collected 160 more chickens last weekend and have been housing them all in what was previously used as a kennel building, nursing some of the more sickly birds back to health.

The working farm that previously held 12,000 chickens is set to close down.

Amazingly, Millstream have already rehomed 127 chickens, ensuring they have gone to caring homes where they will be well looked after.

Carla added: “There’s been a brilliant response so far. People have been sending photos of their gardens and coops asking, “Would this be ok?” and are really keen to help out.

“It’s absolutely wonderful to see them at home and happy in people’s gardens!”

All the shelter asks is that a small donation is given for the hens, which will go towards fuel costs and health treatments.

If you would like to rescue a chicken, you can call Millstream Animal Shelter on 0161 683 4194 or visit their Facebook page and drop them a message with your full address, pictures of possible living arrangements and how many you’d be able to take in.