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Salon duo with a head for business see their revolutionary hairbrush go global
Monday 25th February 2019 @ 12:52 by Tom Greggan
Ashton Business News Oldham Stalybridge Tameside

Two local hairdressers have taken their industry by storm after inventing a two-sided backcombing hairbrush that gives 24 hours volume in just two minutes.

The ‘HairShark’ is the brainchild of Jo Ferns and Anders Rusden, with the product that’s set to take them all over the world, starting in a salon staffroom.

Anders explained: “Jo and I have been working together for a long time and we just wanted to solve a problem within the hair industry that we were facing ourselves in the salon with clients. They were saying how they loved having their hair done but they’d love to be able to do it themselves as well.

“We just came together and decided we were going to do it. We got loads of old brushes, broke them all apart and glued them back together to make our first prototype.”

Jo added: “We were sat down one day in the staffroom, surrounded by plates, magazines and dirty cups. It was like a lightbulb moment; we just said “Oh my god, let’s make this tool that we always talk about. Quick, somebody get the superglue, somebody get the brushes!”

Both clients and customers loved the makeshift brush so much that Jo and Anders decided to launch themselves into developing it properly.

With the help of Barry Saadian at the Stamford Group in Stalybridge, it took them three years, eleven prototypes and several heated arguments to find the perfect product. The Hairshark officially launched in 2017 but it was last year’s appearance on Channel 4’s ‘Buy It Now’ programme that took the brush to the next level.

“That was our big break,” Jo said. “All the retailers on the panel invested in the Hairshark and we secured big deals with them. It was so exciting.”

Now, Hairshark is available to buy at Harvey Nicholls or online at Missguided, Amazon and The brush will soon be available on the high street shelves, and it’s even been stocked in salons as far as Dubai and Australia.

The product has proved so successful that at the end of January, Jo and Anders flew to Los Angeles to film a TV commercial, ahead of Hairshark’s launch in America.

However, the decision to launch the Hairshark was not without risk. Jo, who turns 50 this year, decided to sell two of her salons to fund the product and she admits to a few sleepless nights over the decision!

She said: “I was on the wind down and the two salons that I sold were supposed to be my pension. I was just so nervous the whole time, thinking, ‘This better work.’ We never doubted the product but it was still a big leap of faith.”

Thankfully, with support from their friends and family, that leap of faith has paid off handsomely and the glamorous pair are having the time of their lives on their new adventure.

“We’re having so much fun,” Anders said. “It is stressful and we have our peaks and pits. We argue like mad and we disagree on loads of things but we agree on a lot as well. You just take the good with the bad. I’m enjoying it so much because it’s a whole new education for me.

Jo added: “We’re local people who’ve made a local business enterprise and it’s going global. We’re pinching ourselves. Three years ago, we were gluing the brush together in the staffroom.”

But Jo and Anders aren’t stopping with the Hairshark. They’ve already come up with their next product, although details are being kept under wraps for now.

They want their brand to solve the problems that they come across every day within the hair industry and are confident they’ve got another hit product on their hands.

Jo said: “We can’t say much about our next product but when it comes out, people will be saying, “Oh my god, they’ve done it again!”