Hyde man backs Stoptober after stubbing out 20-a-day smoking habit
Wednesday 24th October 2018 @ 18:07 by Tom Greggan
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A man from Hyde has thanked Be Well Tameside for helping him to stub out his 20-a-day smoking habit and to lose almost a stone.

34-year-old Marc Tyson had been a smoker for 19 years – a habit which has cost him an estimated £48,545, using the NHS Smoking Calculator.

Marc has been out of work for some time due to health issues affecting mobility, something that he desperately wanted to change. In April 2018, he made the decision to seek help so he could stop smoking, lose weight and get himself back to work.

Marc said: “I had been smoking 20 cigarettes for about 19 years and couldn’t really afford to continue as I was struggling to pay the bills. I also wanted to stop for my health. I was feeling very low.

“I rang my surgery to get help with stopping smoking and they put me in touch with Be Well Tameside. I was given an appointment quite quickly. At my one to one appointment my advisor talked me through the different products available and supported me to change my behaviour.”

Thanks to the support from Be Well Tameside, Marc has now been smoke free for six months and has lost 12 pounds. Now, he’s helping to highlight Stoptober, the Public Health England campaign supported by Tameside Council.

He said: “I was given encouragement and advice by the team throughout my journey. I’m proud to say I have been successfully smoke free since April.”

Be Well Tameside offer support and advice all year round to anyone who wants to quit smoking.

Marc is now receiving further support from Be Well Tameside to continue to address his weight and feels confident about the future.

Marc added: “I feel my health has improved so much and I feel more confident to the point that I’m nearly ready to return to work.

“I can walk without getting out of breath, I’ve been able to exercise more, I’ve lost weight and I’m able to pay the bills with the money I’ve saved.”

The smoking rate in Tameside has recently dropped to 17.6% but remains one of the highest rates in Greater Manchester, and is still considerably higher than the national average of 15.1%.

Lobna Begum-Haris, Specialist Stop Smoking Lead with Be Well Tameside, said: “Marc’s story is a great example of how effective specialist stop smoking support can be.

“Stoptober is a great opportunity to make that commitment to quit smoking – but we offer support all year round. You’re four times more likely to quit with specialist support.

“It’s never too late to quit smoking or to start improving your health. If you live or work in Tameside then Be Well Tameside is here to help.”

As part of the Stoptober campaign, Tameside Council has supported events in the borough where health professionals from Be Well Tameside offered support and advice for people looking to quit.

Councillor Brenda Warrington, Executive Leader of Tameside Council, said: “It’s a priority of Tameside Council to ensure smokers have the support they need when looking to quit.

“The smoking rate in the borough has recently dropped, and this is linked to the great work of services like Be Well Tameside providing vital support to individuals who want to kick the habit.”

For help with quitting smoking or to find out more, contact the Be Well Tameside Team by calling 0161 716 2000 or emailing: [email protected].

The service is on Twitter and Facebook @BeWellTameside. You can also visit: www.penninecare.nhs.uk/bewelltameside.