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Labour win Ashton Waterloo by-election
Friday 7th September 2018 @ 01:00 by Lee Wild
Ashton News

Pauline Hollinshead of the Labour Party has been elected as the new councillor for Ashton Waterloo after a by-election at Dukinfield Town Hall tonight (Thursday 6 September).

She won 889 votes, more than half of the total vote. The Green Party Candidate Lee Huntbach beat the Therese Costello from the Conservative party to second place.

The by-election was called following the death of former Councillor Catherine Piddington, who sadly died in June following a short illness.

Following her win, a delighted Cllr Pauline Hollinshead said: “I’m absolutely thrilled. It’s well deserved I think because of the hard work put in by the team and those that have supported us.

“I could name many people and I wouldn’t like to leave any out. They’ve all been great support and brought different strengths to the table.”

Speaking on her future plans as councillor, she said: “I’m going to talk to the residents in more detail, I’ve had snippets when I’ve been canvassing but now I really need to delve deep and find out more about what their needs are. I have my own agenda of course, from what I’ve managed to discover in the 24 years I’ve been in the area, but I still want to look further and get residents views.

The new councillor paid tribute to her predecessor, saying: “It’s so sad, she was so well loved by everyone in the Labour Party and local residents. I’ve noticed that when I’ve been on the doorstep, the amount of respect; if I can manage that in the slightest of ways I’ll be happy.”

Conservative candidate Therese Costello finished third in the voting, but speaking before the result was announced, she was positive about her campaign: “It’s been a successful campaign, the wards been a Labour Stronghold for a long time. The reception that I’ve had on the doorsteps is so positive.

“I don’t think it’s mine for the taking on this occasion, not realistically, but I’m not going away, I will be back to fight another day.”

She also praised the Green Party candidate Lee Huntbach for a strong campaign. One of the big issues in the Ashton Waterloo ward was building on green-space and before the result he identified that as a place where the residents would support him. He said: “They’ve been telling us they want change.

“They’ve been telling us green-space. There’s green-space down there that’s been sold off. It’s protected green-space just off New Market road.

He was confident about his chances, proclaiming he stood with “a serious chance of winning.” He said: “A realistic aim is to win. I’d take a good second place but we’ve come here to win.”

Turnout at the ballot box was 19.5%, with 1,697 votes cast from an electorate of 8717.

TURNOUT – 19.5% – 1697

CON – Therese Costello – 357

LAB – Pauline Hollinshead – 889

GRE – Lee Huntbach – 448