Stalybridge Snooker League update
Monday 13th August 2018 @ 09:46 by Mark Phillip

This is now the lull between the end of the league season and cup competitions and the start of next season in September. I called it a lull although there is still plenty to do to get ready for the new season and see the old one out with a Presentation Night.

The meetings start with a Pre AGM at the end of the month which is followed by The Annual AGM where everything is put in place for the next 12 months.

This is also the time for the league to regroup and reclaim all the annual trophies, purchase any new ones and organise the cash prizes to be distributed on Presentation Night. Traditionally we have always given trophies but a couple of years ago there was a movement for some cash for our winners and this is where we’re at presently. The new trophies have all been chosen from a local supplier and will be collected just before the big night along with any new winners shields for the annual trophies.

As well as regrouping, it is also an ideal time to look to add a new team to our league and approach some local clubs to see if any may be interested in submitting a team into a league like ours. We have already sent out letters with our details and followed most of them with telephone calls and meetings and are still awaiting feedback. Friendly matches have also been arranged against interested teams so they can get to know us better.

Last year we started with six teams but lost St. Georges before the end of the league season and finished on only five teams. One player who played initially for one of our new teams has decided to start his own from next season and time is being spent on ensuring he is ready to start in September. He will need to be accepted at the AGM as will all new teams before he can play.

By Ian Hopton