Clarendon College celebrates record A Level achievement
Thursday 16th August 2018 @ 13:17 by Nigel Skinner
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A-level students at Clarendon Sixth Form College are celebrating record breaking results today.

With a continued 100 per cent pass rate with best ever high grades achieved the class of 2018 has surpassed all previous records.

Top performing students include Jake Armstrong who received A*A* A and has accepted a place at the University of Cambridge to read Natural Sciences.

While Abbey Brown (A,A,A*) former Denton Community College pupil, will study Psychology at University of Manchester and Yuxiang He (A*,A*,B), former Alder Community High School will progress to University of Edinburgh to study Mathematics.

The continued level of high pass rates follow Clarendon Sixth Form College’s recent Ofsted rating of ‘Good’ placing it amongst the top three colleges in Greater Manchester.

Jake said: “I am delighted to accept my place at Cambridge University. The teachers at Clarendon Sixth Form College have been very supportive and helped me on my path to success.”

Jackie Moores, Principal, Tameside College, said: “We’re proud of what our students have achieved. We’re delighted for them. Our students are flying the flag for Tameside as they go on to prestigious universities across the country.

“I’m proud that Clarendon Sixth Form College consistently delivers first class results for our students. These results, coupled with Ofsted recognition, of good, and increasing applications reflect our position as a leading provider and top performing college.”

PROUD: Jake Armstrong is off to Cambridge to study after his outstanding A Level results and is congratulated by his father at Clarendon College this morning.

Clarendon College A Level results, 2018

C,Acton,1; M,Adams,3; J,Armstrong,4; Z,Ashfaq,3; C,Ashley,3; S,Asllani,1; S,Azam,3; E,Barker,3; J,Bates,2; A,Bayoglu,2; C,Bell,3; M,Birchall,3; L,Blood,3; S,Blore,2; C,Braddock,3; K,Brennan,3; G,Bridgeman,2; E,Brimelow,1; E,Brockbank,1; K,Brook,2; A,Brown,3; B,Brown,3; O,Buckley,3; E,Burton,2; J,Carroll,3; J,Clayton,3; O,Clowes,2; A,Collier,2; J,Conway,2; D,Coupland,2; K,Cullen,3; L,Cummings,3; D,Darby,3,; A,Davison,3; D,Deveikis,3; H,Dosa,3; J,Dunne,2; O,Eades,2; B,Edwards,1; R,Elkington,3; M,Fakhouri,3; K,Ferguson,3; N,Fletcher,3; L,Gallacher,3; S,German,3; C,Goodwin,3; A,Green,2; L,Green,2; N,Haddrell-Hart,3; T,Hall,2; R,Hardy,3; K,Harris,3; M,Hasan,3; Y,He,3; R,Hibbert,3; S,Hishal,3; L,Holmes,3; C,Hunt,2; N,Javed,3; H,Javeid,3; S,Jeetun,3; O,Jolleys,1; S,Jolly,2; B,Jones,2; M,Jones-Reavey,3; J,Kelly,3; Y,Kim,3; C,Knagg,3; L,Kwiatkowski,3; R,Lamb,2; S,Lane,1; M,Levesconte,3; S,Lilley,3; A,Lindsay,1; J,Lingard,3; A,Lutley-Barnes,1; K,Lyne,3; E,Macdonald,3; S,Macdonald,2; A,Malik,2; A,Marabicio,3; C,Marsh,3; J,Mather,3; S,Mawdsley,2; M,McGlynn,3; C,McLean,3; K,Meredith,3; R,Miller,3; R,Mistry,2; L,Molloy,3; J,Mullin,3,(1); C,Muscat-Meyer,1; A,Nawaz,1; J,O’Reilly,3; M,Osawe,2; H,Petrou,1; L,Rainsford,2; A,Rashid,3; E,Ratcliffe,3; M,Redfern,3; J,Reynolds,2; A,Riding,1; L,Riley,2; J,Rothwell,3; G,Rowles,3; C,Royle,3; T,Royle,2; Z,Sajid,3; H,Shaw,2; K,Shelmerdine,3; E,Shorrock,2; M,Simpson,3; S,Snelson,3; J,Spafford,3; C,Tagg,3; B,Threlfall,3,(1); J,Tomlinson,3; E,Trelfa,3; D,Upton,2; P,Verigotta,3; L,Vickerman,2; D,Ward,3; K,Wardley,4; G,Warrington,2; T,Welsh,3.