Sandwich Angels issue appeal for donations as supplies struggle to meet demand
Thursday 10th May 2018 @ 12:31 by Tom Greggan
News Tameside

Tameside’s Sandwich Angels have made a desperate appeal for supplies.

The local group makes over 3000 sandwiches a week for homeless people across Tameside and Manchester, but are appealing to the public for donations, as their supplies struggle to keep up with a growing demand.

Fillings such as cooked, sliced or tinned meat are needed, as well as cheese and tuna. The group also needs bread, sandwich bags and clingfilm.

Sandwich Angels founder, Christina Howard, explained: “Food comes in and it goes back out almost instantly. The cupboard and the fridge are empty. It’s really, really bad at the minute. It’s heart breaking. We’ve actually had to halve some of the sandwiches to make sure everyone gets one; that’s how desperate we are for supplies, such as filling and bread.”

Damon Spillane, of Homeless Project Manchester, with Sandwich Angels Paige Dunne, Christina Howard and Rebecca Wellock, after collecting around 150 sandwiches for Manchester’s homeless.

Morrisons Hyde has a Sandwich Angels donation box, where people can drop supplies, as does Paper Tulips on Market Street. The supermarket also runs a voucher scheme for the group. Instead of giving money, those wishing to donate can buy Sandwich Angels voucher in store. When they’re short short, Sandwich Angels can then ring Morrisons, who provide the supplies through the vouchers people have bought.

The Sandwich Angels meet every Wednesday, between 9am-10.30am at St Mary’s Community Hall on Talbot Road, Hyde. Supplies can be dropped of then and the group are also looking for more volunteers to help make the sandwiches.

“Anybody can turn up and help,” Christina said. “We’ve got all walks of life here. It brings the community together.”

Sandwich Angels work with eighteen different homeless organisations across Tameside and Manchester. One of those is Homeless Project Manchester, a group of friends that help feed, clothe and give advice to homeless people in Manchester city centre.

Damon Spillane, who goes out with Homeless Porject twice a week, says the Sandwich Angels are a “massive help” to the charity. “We’ve been going for two years and we’ve been getting stuff from various places,” he said. “We’ve only just been put in touch with Christina, so this is the second week.

“It’s really helped us out because now, instead of getting bread and meat off the supermarkets, we can get other things like milk and coffee.

He added: “The amount of people we see varies between 60-80 each time we go into town. We went from once a fortnight, to every Sunday and now we do every Sunday and every Wednesday. That highlights the growing need and the growing issue.”